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Azamara Unveils 2023-24 Itineraries Spanning Every Corner of the Globe

Azamara, the boutique cruise line dedicated to destination immersion experiences, revealed 39 new itineraries across its four-ship fleet for 2023 and 2024. This latest deployment will take Azamara guests to every corner of the world, with each ship embarking in a different location: Azamara Pursuit in South Africa, Azamara Quest in South America, Azamara Journey in Australia and Asia, and Azamara Onward in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Azamara’s winter voyages will also feature several new shore excursions, pre- and post- cruise land programs, and AzAmazing Evenings, all designed to bring guests deeper into the heart of each destination.

“With this itinerary release, we are thrilled to offer over 20 maiden ports, dock in smaller destinations that large ships can’t access, and most exciting of all, for the first time we will have a ship in every corner of the world,” said Carol Cabezas, president of Azamara. “In addition, this November we will be unveiling a new, highly requested offering from Azamara, which involves travel across the globe. From connecting with locals in the tiny village of Boca da Valeria, Brazil; to cycling on the 600-year-old Xian City Wall in China, our new voyages will offer endless opportunities to rediscover yourself through travel and connect to local people and cultures.”

Exclusive to Azamara and offered during late-nights and overnights in port, the brand’s signature AzAmazing Evenings are designed to connect guests to the local culture of a destination and are uniquely tailored to each location. Highlights of the AzAmazing Evenings include:

The Living Past of the Amazon: In Manaus, Brazil, guests will discover the living past of the Amazon Rainforest. The four-part show entitled, “North Symmetry. The Glorifications of Nature in the Amazon,” will take guests on a journey from pre-Columbian indigenous civilizations to modern times. Through native dances, rituals, and traditional folklore music, guests will be educated on some of the mysteries of Amazon culture.

Traditional Korean Art Performances: In Busan, South Korea, guests will watch as multiple traditional Korean art forms are combined to create a spectacular show. They will enjoy NANTA, one of the most famous non-verbal performances in Korea, which combines Korean folk and modern music to create a unique yet familiar experience; Korean dance performed while wearing the traditional Hanbok; and Taekkyeon, a traditional Korean martial art that uses fluid, rhythmic movements to strike an opponent, all in one captivating performance.

Italian Arias Performed by Società Filarmonia: In Ravenna, Italy, guests will listen to brilliantly composed, classic arias made popular by internationally renowned opera singer Maria Callas. The arias will be directed by Alfredo Barchi and performed by Società Filarmonia, which was established in 1998 to bring together diverse musical experiences, skills, and emerging talents.

Azamara continues to reaffirm its commitment to Destination Immersion with a diverse selection of new shore excursions. Highlights from the new shore excursions include:

Santarém, Brazil: In the city known as the “Pearl of Tapajós” for its location at the merging of the Tapajós and Amazon ricers, guests will cruise through Maica Lake and enjoy stunning views of the Amazon Basin. They will spot local inhabitants, many species of birds, and possibly even the unique Amazon river mammal, a fresh water pink dolphin (Boto Cor-de-Rosa).

Dakar, Senegal: Guess join some of the most well-known Senegalese chefs from the region’s local culinary school for a cooking tutorial. They learn how to make signature Senegalese dishes followed by a meet and greet with the head of the culinary school to discuss cooking tips and techniques. The afternoon will conclude with a lunch and recipes to take home to cook Senegalese dishes.

Tinos, Greece: Guests spend the afternoon with a renowned Greek chef for a food and wine pairing with island products, like local cheeses such as Tinos Graviera and the king of the cheeses, Kopanisti, a soft cheese with a distinct peppery-hot taste. They indulge in local wines made from Assyrtiko grapes for white wine and Mavrotragano for the red. They also enjoy island-grown fruits and vegetables, such as sun-dried tomatoes, pears, artichokes and capers.

For travelers looking to explore the destination beyond their voyage and immerse themselves ever further, highlights of the pre- and-post-cruise land programs include:

Stay Local in Hong Kong: During this two-night program, guests explore the dynamic city of Hong Kong, stopping at the famous Victoria Peak for panoramic views of Kowloon and the surrounding islands, the tranquil Nan Lian Garden, designed in the Tang Dynasty-style with hills, water features, trees, rocks, and wooden structures, and go to the top of the 100th floor of the tallest building in Hong Kong. Additional highlights include a traditional Dim Sum lunch, a visit to Wong Tai Sin Temple, where locals go to pray for good health, and shopping for art products in Stanley Market.

Experience China’s Treasures: During this four-night program, guests visit the Great Wall of China, shop in local markets, and journey through the ancient wonders and cultural riches of the region. They will explore the lakes, pavilions, and pagodas of the Summer Palace, known as the best-preserved royal garden in the world; learn how to make Chinese dumplings with the locals of Hutong, the oldest residential area in Beijing; and visit the Terracotta Army Museum in Xian, home to a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of China’s first Emperor, who are buried with him to protect the emperor during his afterlife.

Azamara guests can take advantage of the Early Booking Bonus with the 2023-2024 deployment.

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