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Atlas Ocean Voyages Launches Latest Small-Expedition Ship: World Traveller

Atlas Ocean Voyages has announced that World Traveller, the second small expedition-style ship in their Explorer Class fleet, will begin sailing in 2022. Joining her sister ship, World Navigator, World Traveller offers 11 new voyages that are now open for reservations. With itineraries that take a “follow-the-sun” approach, Atlas is offering explorers a unique experience that is exclusive to their luxe-adventure travel brand.

Following the Sun

One of the great advantages of small-ship cruising is the ability to offer a variety in each season’s itineraries. This means every luxe-adventure voyage is distinct, embarking and disembarking at a variety of interesting ports. With such diverse sailing routes throughout a region, every journey is unique. While some ports of call repeat, the small ships from Atlas Ocean Voyages never sail to them in the same order, so no two voyages are alike.

Renewing the Classics

World Traveller will take adventurers to hot spots like Ibiza, Mykonos, Saint-Tropez, and more, but the Atlas experience deviates from the traditional paths the big cruises take. World Traveller, like her sister ship World Navigator, is a small vessel, so her size allows for guests to be brought closer to their destinations, creating a more intimate experience. Unlike larger ships, they can dock in ports closer to town centers, like the one right alongside Málaga’s famous promenade. Carefully curated land programs for Atlas Ashore immerse guests in local color and culture, offering a more personalized point of view of classic destinations. Atlas Ocean Voyages’ luxe-adventure sailings aboard World Traveller will renew these worldly locales for experienced travelers seeking one-of-a-kind moments.

Another Perspective of the Mediterranean

Atlas takes their unique approach to expedition cruising further by visiting Mediterranean ports that are off-the-beaten path, like Ceuta, Faro, Setúbal, and many others. The Mediterranean is a popular region for explorers to visit, but since World Traveller’s itineraries reveal a different side of the destination, even seasoned travelers will discover something new. Setúbal, for example, is frequented by local visitors from around Portugal, but many of the big cruises often bypass this little gem. With access to the Troia Peninsula, a setting known as the secret getaway for Europe’s wealthy and famous, this port offers Atlas’ guests a more exclusive destination to explore.

Other less frequented but equally beautiful ports, like Porto Empedocle and Gozo, provide a historical playground for curious travelers. With several UNESCO World Heritage Sites throughout their voyages, Atlas provides a wealth of opportunities for guests to indulge their inquisitive side.

Small Ships, Big Experiences

Purpose built to navigate remote routes and destinations, World Traveller’s small size makes it possible to bring explorers to more out-of-the-way locations like Formentera, Menorca and Portimão. Only small vessels are allowed close enough to stop just outside their bounds and tender guests to the shores of these breathtaking islands and ports. Recently, Italy limited cruise ships from entering Venice’s renowned Grand Canal, but World Traveller can still navigate this path, offering guests a singular experience many vessels can no longer sail. Carrying fewer than 200 guests like her sister ship, World Traveller will provide an intimate atmosphere that translates to more space per guest and more personalized onboard experiences. Docking in smaller ports, Atlas Ocean Voyages’ new ship will bring explorers closer so they can immerse themselves in their destinations straightaway with shorter or no transportation processes. Amid an ambience of simple elegance and invigorating experiences, guests can connect with like-spirited travelers for the ultimate luxe-adventure journey.

All Inclusive, All the Way

Atlas Ocean Voyages’ promise for an all-inclusive journey encompasses everything, including roundtrip, commercial airfare, a choice of complimentary land excursions in every port, and much more. And in 2022, they’re exclusively offering only Balcony and Suite accommodations as part of their luxe-adventure experience. It’s how they ensure travelers enjoy a comprehensive expedition without ever worrying about the details themselves.

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