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Visiting Istria

Croatia is always a popular destination among our HAPPY clients.

If you wish to feel the atmosphere of good old country households, wholesome dishes of the traditional cuisine, romantic hearths and scented wine cellars, then you should definitely visit Istria, the largest peninsula within the Adriatic Sea.

Here are 6 places that you don't want to miss.


As the only national park in Istria, Brijuni with its 14 islands covering an area of 736 square hectares presents a unique play of nature that brings together remarkable animal species and rare and rich flora all at one place. It ranks as one of the loveliest archipelagos in the Mediterranean.


Situated on the coast of Istria, right below the Lim Fjord, is the most romantic place in Istria. The town that has begun its romantic life on an island, its restricted area resulting in crowded houses, narrow streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanism.


Grožnjan is a 14th-century Venetian town , known nowadays as Town of Artists - an arts colony, where, since 1965, painters, sculptors and musicians comes to live and work. Groznjan is one in the row of pretty Istrian hill top medieval towns.


It is known as the “town of truffles”. Truffles is one of the most famous Istrian delicacies . They can be found in the north-western part of Istria all the way to Buzet and Lanišće, along river Raša in Labin and up to south near Pazin. Since the truffles are discovered in Motovun Forest some 80 years ago, it has continued to be a culinary “hit” of north-western Istria. Gourmets rush by the thousands to Istria’s konobas to experience its superb taste. Gourmet cuisine today is unthinkable without his Majesty, the truffle.

The white Istrian truffle is the most highly appraised truffle species in the world. For decades, it has been smuggled out of our country in order to enrich the taste of various European cuisines where its origins have constantly been kept in concealment.


Hum is known as the smallest town in the world, which is why it is one of the most attractive Istrian destinations.

Parenzana Trail

Between 1902 and 1935, trains chugging along the Parenzana railway from Trieste to Porec passed some of the most scenic towns in Istria: Buje, Groznjan, Zavrsje, Oprtalj, and Motovun, among others. For decades the scenic route was neglected, until Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia cleaned it up and converted it into a hike and bike path called The Route of Health and Friendship.

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