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Uniworld Reveals What’s Brand New for 2024 for Its River Cruises

In the enchanting world of river journeys, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises has just unveiled its latest marvels for the year 2024. As the calendar flips over to this future chapter, a grand spectacle of offerings unfolds. Behold the dawn of the S.S. Victoria, a magnificent ship that shall make its grand debut in the historic embrace of Amsterdam, heralding the commencement of the season.

But that's not all, for Uniworld's creative tapestry knows no bounds. Their famed Cruise & Rail program, having danced into hearts with its charm, shall now embrace five more tantalizing itineraries. These wondrous journeys waltz to Istanbul, sweep through Transylvania's mystical landscapes, caress the Swiss Alps, and traverse realms beyond imagination. Additionally, South America extends an alluring pre-cruise extension, a preamble to the adventures that await.

Ellen Bettridge, the maestro behind Uniworld's orchestra of dreams, expresses her boundless excitement. "We're always looking ahead," she declares, "dreaming up ways to raise the bar and expand our offerings at Uniworld." Her words resonate with a community united by wanderlust, an insatiable thirst for the unexplored corners of our world. From the birth of the splendid S.S. Victoria to the launch of the second Rivers of the World Cruise, an incredible year of travel awaits.

Uniworld's stage is set for a duo of Super Ships, the illustrious S.S. Victoria and the elegant S.S. Elisabeth. 2024 and 2025 promise their voyage, epitomizing luxury and excellence. Chartered under a three-year agreement from the esteemed Seaside Collection, they carry forth Uniworld's distinguished legacy with an all-Uniworld ensemble, a symphony of signature touches, and trademark amenities. These two ships, once part of the Riverside Luxury Cruises family, bear the distinguished lineage of Crystal River Cruises.

The S.S. Victoria shall be the harbinger of tales, sailing gracefully in March. With a bouquet of itineraries, it shall enchant up to 110 guests in its 55 luxurious suites and staterooms. From the Tulip Time allure of Belgium and the Netherlands to the majestic castles that line the Rhine, and the enchanting journey across the Moselle and Rhine, it sets the stage for an unforgettable season. The climax? The Belgium Holiday Markets, an eight-day holiday-themed delight.

But Uniworld's narrative for 2024 transcends ships alone. The Cruise & Rail program unfurls five captivating European itineraries:

  1. "Delightful Danube & the Castles of Transylvania" – A 15-day odyssey beginning in Istanbul, weaving through Transylvania, Budapest, Vienna, and the scenic Wachau Valley.

  2. "Milan, Venice, Istanbul & the Balkans" – A 19-day sojourn starting in Milan, caressing Venice's romantic allure, before embarking on a rail adventure to Istanbul.

  3. "Venice, Istanbul & the Balkans" – A 17-day journey commencing with a private train voyage to Istanbul, exploring charming towns, historic cities, and the Venetian Lagoon.

  4. "Grand Alpine & the Jewels of Veneto" – A 15-day affair that begins in Budapest and Vienna, ventures into the Alps via a luxury train, and explores culinary delights and captivating destinations.

  5. "Grand Alpine & the Enchanting Danube" – A 14-day adventure commences with a river cruise on the S.S. Maria Theresa along the Danube, followed by a luxurious train journey through Italy and Switzerland.

Uniworld's heart also beats in the heartlands of India. The "Sacred Ganges & The Maharajas' Express" journey expands its horizons from Kolkata to New Delhi, promising unique experiences, including local village visits along the Ganges and two unforgettable trips to the Taj Mahal.

For those yearning for a grandiose expedition, Uniworld's second annual Rivers of the World cruise beckons. Departing on October 3, 2024, from Lima, Peru, this 55-day odyssey spans three continents, 10 countries, and four opulent Super Ships. It unveils new destinations, surprises, and exclusive experiences, from the Amazon to the Rhine, Main, Danube, and beyond. There's even a candlelight dinner at Cambodia's Kravan Temple and a rooftop gala dinner with Saigon's skyline as a backdrop.

Uniworld's enchanting tale continues with a brand-new pre-cruise extension in the Peruvian Amazon. "Rio de Janeiro & Iguazu Falls" takes travelers on a five-day adventure through Brazil and Argentina, offering a taste of Rio's cuisine and the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls, a natural wonder to behold.

For the groovy at heart, Uniworld revives its "70s night" theme on European itineraries, bringing the nostalgia of that era to life.

As a grand finale, Uniworld entices with an Early Booking Savings Offer, granting a 10 percent discount to those who book and pay in full for select 2024 cruises by October 31.

Furthermore, a limited-time sale brings savings of up to $3,000 on popular itineraries like "Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong," "Ultimate France," and "Peruvian Amazon & Machu Picchu Exploration," when booked by the same date. Both offers harmonize seamlessly with the River Heritage Club benefits, embracing past guests with open arms.

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