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Tremendous Trip to Bonaire

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Our VIP clients returned back from Bonaire. Here are just some highlights from their vacation.

Bonaire is a fantastic Caribbean destination, especially for snorkeling and diving and people who want to avoid cheesy all-inclusive resorts or pretentious exclusive and expensive islands so it was ideal for us. So was Bellafonte, a no fuss boutique hotel. That room view was all we needed. The island is Dutch owned mostly Dutch visitors, so very few Americans. It felt very safe, no evidence of petty crime on beaches, town seemed a little seedier at night and everything is closed by 10 pm.

The natural resources are mesmerizing, weather is perfect with a light wind, and it’s not (yet) commercialized in anyway but there is a building boom and they are preparing for a burst of Dutch immigrants as well as visitors. It’s small and slow so reservations would be needed during high season.

The island language is Dutch, but English is spoken everywhere when they realize you don’t speak the native. The Dutch people are mostly chilled, keep quiet, don’t over drink, go to bed early, are mainly there to dive.

To know:

• You need to pay a $100 visitors tax before arrival.

• You need to pay a $45 stinapa Tax to be out in nature, have the QR code handy for random checks

• Taxis are limited, especially at the airport. Arrange for hotel pick up.

• Off road vehicles are preferred.

• Most people are there to dive, there are no boat anchors, only moors because there are always people under water.m, and they protect the coral.

• You can boat or water taxi to Klein island to sit on No Name Beach (closed after 2 pm)

• It’s not easy to catch fish there.


• VIP Diving - Scuba & Snorkel gear

• Palm Boat - Motor Boats

• Royal Car Rental - Land Rovers

• Bonaire Yacht Club - Catamarans

Beach Clubs:

• Delfins

• Ocean Oasis

• Sorobon

• Hang out

• Beach Bar (Bellafonte adjacent)


• Captains Table (Town)

• It Rains Fish (Town)

• Cappricio (Town)

• At Sea (Town)

• Brass Boer (Delfins Resort)

• Ingrid-ients (Buddy Dive Resort)

• La Balandra (Harbour Village Resort)

• Joes - Local, prefix

• Chefs - prefix, 6-month wait

• Melissa Sailing - dinner at sea


• Tens

• Bagel & Bloom


• Mangroves Kayaking Tour - 2+ hrs

• National Marine Park off roading - 3+ hrs

• Cave tour + snorkling

• Salt Mines

• Donkey Sanctuary

• Wild Flamingos at Pink Beach


• Snorkeling

• Diving

• Wind surfing

• Kite surfing

• Sailing

• Kayaking

• Fishing

• Horseback riding on beach

• Land sailing


• Lac Bay - Wind surfing

• Lac Cai - Kayaking; locals BBQ on Sundays

• Te Amo - Best Snorkling; locals camp & picnic

• Coco beach

• 1000 steps

• Salt Bear

• Pink Beach

• Donkey Beach

• Bachelors Beach

• No Name Beach (Klein island)

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