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The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Unveils Winter 2024-2025 Caribbean Sailings

In the realm of luxury travel, where dreams of azure seas and sun-soaked sands merge with a longing for the exceptional, the latest pronouncement from The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection echoes like a siren's call. An evocative tale of serenity on the seas, of journeys that meander through paradises and past treasures, the announcement of their 2024-2025 winter Caribbean itineraries for the vessels Evrima and Ilma awakens the wanderlust that resides within us all.

As the sun bids adieu to its zenith and the familiar chill of winter wraps around the Northern Hemisphere, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection unfurls its nautical tapestry, inviting seekers of splendor to step aboard the superyachts Evrima and Ilma. Their sails are set to trace a symphony of courses across the crystalline waters of the Caribbean, a region known for its powdery beaches, technicolor coral reefs, and enigmatic jungles. Jim Murren, the captain at the helm of this maritime adventure, stands as the executive chairman and chief executive officer of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. His voice carries the promise of unparalleled experiences, of ultimate relaxation entwined with exploration, whispered softly to those with a longing for the extraordinary.

The stage is set, as the curtains of November 2024 are drawn open to reveal the inaugural waltz of Evrima and Ilma along their 38 unique voyages. The duo charts a course through nine new ports, each chosen for their allure - a combination of inherent beauty, vibrant culture, and immersive experiences. Amongst the cast of new destinations is South Friar's Bay, a Saint Kitts treasure known for its world-class snorkeling and the intoxicating ambiance of beachside bars. Saint-Pierre, an enchanting town in Martinique, weaves history and lush landscapes into its embrace, beckoning travelers to explore its ruins and wander its verdant lanes.

Ilma, the prodigious star of this nautical drama, makes her Caribbean debut in style. With the grace of a prima ballerina, she embarks on a six-night round trip voyage from San Juan, Puerto Rico. From the velvet embrace of her decks, passengers are led through an odyssey of discovery, tracing rainforest hikes along the twin peaks of St. Lucia's UNESCO-protected Pitons, basking on the sun-drenched shores of Terre-de-Haut, and surrendering to the allure of Antigua's secluded sands. But the show does not end here. The journey crescendos into a nine-night affair, a symphony from Fort Lauderdale that paints a tapestry of beaches in Grand Turk, the colonial architecture of San Juan, and the ethereal beauty of the Bahamas' islands.

Ah, but Ilma's story culminates not in the depths of her hold, but in the hearts of those who voyage with her. On March 1, 2025, a seven-night sojourn unfurls, connecting the dots between San Juan, Puerto Rico and Bridgetown, Barbados. This is no ordinary journey; it's a voyage of natural wonders and sweeping vistas. Travellers ascend Le Chameau's peak in Terre-de-Haute, seeking vistas that stretch beyond imagination. The islands of St. Lucia, Grenada, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines beckon with waterfalls, hot springs, and crater lakes, their beauty juxtaposed with serene beachfronts.

Yet Ilma is but one luminary in this celestial maritime ballet. The graceful bowsprit of Evrima graces the Caribbean waters as well, leaving trails of wonder in its wake. On December 5, 2024, this grand dame embarks on an eight-night dalliance with Oranjestad's turquoise waters. Cartagena's colonial architecture stands as a testament to the passage of time, while the vibrant nightlife of the Getsemani district adds modern vibrancy to the tale. A hike through the Sierra Nevada mountains awaits the adventurous in Santa Marta, leading to the tropical paradises of Curaçao, Bonaire, and Aruba.

Stealing the limelight on January 22, 2025, Evrima unravels a six-night narrative from Bridgetown, Barbados to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The voyage, a collection of scenic harbors, paints a picture of ethereal experiences. Bequia beckons snorkelers and divers to its waters, while St. John's lays bare the history of Antigua and Barbuda. Yet the crescendo here is the beachfront revelry at South Friar's Bay and the mesmerizing boulders of Virgin Gorda.

But the voyage would be incomplete without moments of respite, without the crescendo of relaxation. The ships are temples of tranquility, their spaces designed to soothe and inspire. Terraces in each suite offer sunset panoramas, while the Observation Lounge invites passengers to gaze upon the canvas of ocean and sky. Yet, it's the moments ashore that often define the voyage, and The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection understands this well. The Shore Collection offers curated excursions that plunge travelers into local culture, from snorkeling with sea turtles to bathing in the mineral-rich mud of St. Lucia's Sulphur Springs. These moments are not just stops on a journey; they're the pigments that color the canvas of memory.

And then, there are the unique moments that unfurl on the decks of these grand vessels, moments that bring the journey to life. Evrima invites passengers to glimpse the coral reefs along Trinidad and Tobago's coast through the glass-bottomed lens of a boat, while Ilma reveals the starfish-studded secrets of San Salvador's Pigeon Creek tidal lagoon. These moments are the fleeting sparks that elevate a voyage into a cherished memory.

So, let the whisper of the waves and the call of distant shores guide you to a voyage of luxury and enchantment. Embark on the 2024-2025 winter Caribbean itineraries with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, where the vessels Evrima and Ilma craft a tale of boundless beauty, untamed exploration, and the harmonious union of luxury and adventure on the high seas."

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