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The Best Luxury Cruises

Ritz Cruise

  1. The new Ritz-Carlton cruise ship will set sail in the year 2019-202 and is expected exceed all expectations. The Cruise will feature the following: over 5 different restaurants and 140-seat dining rooms. The restaurants include an exquisite Asian fusion restaurant, a relaxing pool bar, a freshly-caught seafood restaurant, and the three Michelin star restaurant known as “Aqua”. 2. Extremely spacious rooms, an on-board SPA featuring state-of-the-art relaxation technology, common spaces, over 149 suites and the capacity to fit over 298 guests, over ten decks, and even a space ratio of over 89 square feet per person. . The third deck of the vast cruise ship features the eventful Marina which has a direct access to the calming blue waters of the ocean, a sun terrace where you can enjoy light snack bite, a delicious cocktail, or enjoy a tranquil sunbath. 4. Inside of the cruise, the decor features a row of glass walls and a tropical inspired, comforting, and extremely relaxing decor. The living room, where guests can relax and socialize with friends and family features a vast library, a cocktail lounge, a piano bar, and live music.

Seabourn Cruise

  1. The use of the finest quality ingredients, flavors, and a partnership with Thomas Keller is what makes the cuisine at Seabourn Cruises world-famous. The restaurants include the following: The Grill by Thomas Keller, an authentic, high-end sushi bar, a gourmet dining restaurant called “The Restaurant”, The Colonnade, The Patio, and In-Suite Dining.

2. The vastly luxurious SPA center at Seabourn cruises offers an inspiring experience to the guest. Integrative medicine, advanced technology, local and natural ingredients, and a focus on physical, social, and spiritual-well being are highlighted. Yoga and a sport center will work to enhance the mind and body. 3. Each stateroom has the following amenities: champagne and a free stocked bar, an ocean front and private veranda, a personal stewardess, a marble bath and tub, Italian linen and duvets, an in-suite bar with glassware, an in-suite penthouse SPA, etc. 4. Certain cruise activities include the following: using an on-sea treadmill, visiting the Casino, visit the saloon for a facial, relax in the pool, enjoy a movie, enjoy a musical experience at the lounge room, enjoying an enrichment program.

Viking Sea Cruise 1. Certain amenities offered at the staterooms in a Viking Cruise Include the following: a 338 sq foot veranda, free Wi-Fi, a flat screen TV, specialty spa treatments, King and Queen size beds, direct TV and satellite access, a private bathroom with fog mirror and a walk-in shower. 2. Enjoy outdoor seating and dining with hundreds of square feet and a stunning view of the ocean. Some restaurants and flavors include high end Italian cuisine, Norwegian flavors, etc. 3. The activities of the Viking Sea cruise consists of swimming pools, an infinity pool, and an in-door pool with access to the inviting, silky sky and illustrious sunlight. 4. The artwork and decor at this cruise in absolutely fascinating with luxurious paintings and a meticulously constructed lichen garden. Paintings and artworks use abstract and medieval influences and the decor is best described as warm, inviting, as well as alluring and striking.

Crystal Cruise

  1. Each and every stateroom at Crystal Cruises include the following amenities and services: complimentary fine wines, champagne and premium alcohol, pre-paid gratuities, free Wi-Fi and 24 hour service, in-room, housekeeping, ultra-thin television,

2. Traditional and innovative ingredients are commonplace in the restaurants at this resort. Excellent, Michelin starred menus use high-end flavors from the local area and from all around the world. Each meal is masterfully crafted by a well-trained team of chefs and culinary professionals. 3. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul by immersing yourself in the Feng Shui centered SPA and fitness center. Yoga, pilates, golf, table tennis, paddle tennis, and other sports such as watersports are all offered and highlighted in the Crystal Cruises. 4. The exciting and premier entertainment, dances, celebrations, and performances from world-wide cultures, the high quality movies, a Galaxy Lounge with popular broadway productions, and more are example of the entertainment offered at this cruise line. 5. Enrichment is also highlighted at this resort and some amenities include the following: a public workshop featuring leaders and experts, skill workshops, wine tastings, book clubs, dancing and choreography lessons, and lectures from world experts.

Azamara Cruise

  1. This stunning cruise offers a number of different amenities and activities which include the following: Soak in the sunset at the Pool Grill and Bar, and later enjoy a fabulous night of music, dance, and improved entertainment spaces.

2. The amenities at Azamara host a number of digital improvements such as the following: full-strength Wifi and internet access, in-room TV experiences, itinerary information in the form of interactive screens, interactive content, and landmark highlights, as well room services. 3. Relax your mind, body, and soul with the Sanctum SPA of the Azamara cruise. The outdoor deck SPA balances physical and emotional treatments with all-new advanced technology, as well as traditional and natural ingredients from the local cruise regions. Services are also unparalleled and the contemporary decor of the SPA helps to soothe one’s body and mind before the treatment even begins. 4. Due to the trademark “Destination Immersion” concept at Azamara cruises, guests are left open to a number of activities an entertainment possibilities. From enjoying dinner at the Patio, to dining on fine wines and high-end tapas, watching an entertaining show, or spending the night at the dance floor, Azamara cruises are as entertaining as can be. 5. Finally, decor: All staterooms have a stylish, warm, and contemporary design in mind. Each and every suite uses a mix o rich wood and natural textiles, accented walls and ceilings, natural color schemes and elegant, metallic accents, which help reflect a guest’s feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and overall contentedness.

Oceania Cruise

  1. The Dining experience at Oceania cruises is unparalleled. With international cuisine from legendary French Chef, Jacques Pepin, Italian ingredients, Asian fusions, a Pool Bar and Terrace Restaurant, a high-end buffet experience, in-room dining, a Tuscany Steakhouse, etc.

2. This phenomenal cruise line offers an extremely wide array of certain amenities and and activities such as the following: guest lectures, trivia, painting or drawing classes, culinary discovery tours, cooking classes, skill or arts workshops, etc. 3. A focus on the upcoming Oceania cruises is that of the wellness and wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul. The following wellness options include: an exclusive Wellness Tour Inspired by Canyon Ranch, vegan and vegetarian menus, yoga, pilates, fitness classes, SPA experiences, etc. 4. The overall cruise amenities include the following: a variety of open seating restaurants, gourmet cuisine, enrichment programs, discover tours, award-winning 450 alluring destinations, extensive port stays, ships catering to 84 or 1,250 guests, a country club, etc. 5. Stay invigorated with a number of on-board activities and amenities which include the following: listening to guest lectures, listen to beautiful classical music and shows, naturalist, pianist, string quartets, dynamic vocalists, and energetic show-stoppers, and enjoying a game of blackjack at the local casino.

Windstar Cruise The Windstar Cruises offer a wide variety of dining options ranging from high-end Italian cuisine to a French Bistro, with signature dishes such as Dover sole, duck a l'orange and lobster ravioli. Dessert is a decadent affair with dishes such as chocolate caramel mousse and dark cherry flambe.

2. One of the most tranquil SPAs in the entire world, the WindSPA relaxation centre at Windstar blends the transformative power of a massage with all-new and innovative technologies such as a Hydralift facial or a new color tone, and much much more.

3. If you want to stay fit on your next vacation, then the Gym is the place to go for a quick workout. Other activities on this cruise may include: trying out the Casino, visiting the game arcade, checking out the Water Sports Program which include the following sports: (kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, sail boating, water skiing), etc.

4. Every single room and public area aboard this cruise ship is designed with care and reflects the relaxing and elegant nature of the cruise itself. Cozy and welcoming floors and walls made with elegant and high-end wood and natural fabrics. One can even enjoy a quick breakfast atop the oceanview terrace and observe the breathtaking view of the aquamarine seas. 5. Finally, live entertainment is definitely highlighted on the Windstar cruise line with festivities such as:a live showroom, on-board weddings and meeting spaces, shops, a movie theater, an onboard movie screen, tennis, golf simulator, ice skating and jogging rink, a kids facility with babysitting and a toys room, etc.

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