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Taking kids to Israel - Tel Aviv

Here are the great places to visit with your kids in and around Tel Aviv while on the trip to Israel.

Show up on a beach, pick a chair and umbrella. Someone will come around and sell you a ticket for the rental for the day. The price is about 8 shekels for a chair and 4 shekels for an umbrella, though these prices can change. The young teens cleaning off the chairs and setting up the umbrellas often work for tips. Beaches have washrooms and food and drink outlets as well as showers. Strong undertow in the water, kids need to be close to adults. Bring a little net or jar as little fish come right in shore. No swimming in late June or first 2 weeks of July due to the Jellyfish.


Fun for the kids to explore the alleyways and galleries hold interesting displays even for children. The visitors centre presents the history of Jaffa in a cartoon style film in the first part of the exhibit, appealing to children and with holographic images in the second part. Older children will enjoy it and will get an understanding of the location. The Ben Zion David shop, right off the main square, is a Yemenite jewelry workshop and store. They have an exhibit that shows the emigration of the Yemenites to Israel and has artisans making the jewelry right there which is really interesting (not so much a museum as a workshop with information and explanations). Boat rides from the port along the Tel Aviv beaches can be fun for kids. The flea market is really downscale with all kinds of junk. Fun place for a scavenger hunt or for kids to explore.


Newly redone northern port filled with restaurant, activities, entertainment, all along the sea. Huge boardwalk where kids can run and play. Sand pits where kids congregate. Indoor playground here at Dyada which is tons of fun for climbing and exploring-no adults allowed in they watch through the glass. Ice cream shops and on Saturdays a market, also great for kids.

Ramat Gan

Safari Park with lots of animals. The original zoo in Israel now on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. This is a place for kids and they can practice reading the names of the animals in Hebrew!

Palmach Museum

An experiential museum where the viewer follows the path of a group of Palmach soldiers as they come together, train and fight for the land of Israel. Must reserve in advance as admission is by group entrance only. Very moving for adults, living history for kids.I would not recommend this museum for children under age 8 due to the subject matter, they need to follow the conversations and historical information.

Park HaYarkon

Huge park in northern part of Tel Aviv. Has climbing wall, innovative playgrounds, boat rentals for the small lake, Zafari (small bird zoo), and lots of space to run and play. There is a water park on the east side of this park, Meymadion Water Park with slides and the usual water park activities. It is open daily June-Aug and on weekends and holidays in Sept-Oct. Call in advance for hours and prices.

Beit Hatfutsot Museum of the Jewish People A-B-See-Do (A-Ba-Ga-Da in Hebrew) exhibit.

This interactive exhibit opened in 2011 and continues to be in such high demand that people must order tickets in advance (03-7457808). It presents the Hebrew language in an entertaining and unusual way with climbing walls, slides, stairs and ramps alongside word-slot machines, computer games and more.


The City of Holon

Holon prides itself on being a City for Children. There are numerous playgrounds in the area. Most activities advertised will be in Hebrew so if you plan on seeing children’s shows, check first on the language if your children don’t speak Hebrew.

Holon Children’s Museum

An experiential exhibition…. Dialogue in the Dark is an experience without sight using only hearing, touch, smell and tastes. The age range is minimum of 9 to about 14+ but older teens and adults will also really enjoy this. There are several other exhibits catering to different age groups from age 2. The exhibits challenge the imagination and the child experiences many emotional and cognitive insights while having a really enjoyable experience. This museum requires reservations. It is considered one of the most innovative and best children’s museums in the world.

Yamit 2000

Year round water park located in Holon. It has 20 extreme water slides, a variety of swimming pools (indoor wave pool, an Olympic pool and toddler pool), a pampering spa and activities. There are extreme indoor heated slides for winter time as well.

Clore Garden of Science

An outdoor museum in the heart of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot just south of Tel Aviv. Eighty hands-on activities challenge visitors to forget what they think they know and open their minds to understanding the world around them. Great for a wide range of ages.

Mini Israel

Just outside of Tel Aviv, a park which is kind of kitchy but you can’t possibly do all the sites in Israel and this park has everything in one place in miniature. Fun for kids to run around and check out all the moving parts. Kids can get a perspective on all the different types of places (churches, mosques, synagogues, cities, beaches, desert) even if they haven’t gone there. If you do this at the end of a trip, kids will recognize the places they have been and can relate to it.


This is right near mini-Israel and has an outdoor tank display. The good part is that the kids can climb and explore. No need to learn about the history of each tank here, though Dad’s might be interested, but a good spot to get up close to military. Good stopping point especially if you are going to Mini Israel.

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