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Star Clippers Offers 2023 and 2024 Holiday Sailings Aboard Its Tall Ships

Ah, what a delightful prospect it is, to bid farewell to the year in the most splendid fashion, basking in the warmth of tropical havens! For those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations and the frenzy of seasonal hosting, a winter holiday in a far-flung paradise beckons with promises of sheer relaxation, a taste of exotic cultures, and cherished bonds with kin and comrades. And lo and behold, Star Clippers, that paragon of seafaring adventures, unfurls a wondrous array of week-long sailings during the festive season – transforming what could be a time of worrisome stress into a delightful escapade, brimming with opportunities to etch new memories and establish timeless traditions.

Ah, but that's not all! Listen closely, for this tidbit is worth its weight in gold: all voyagers who reserve their spot on the 2023 or 2024 Christmas or New Year's sailings before the sun sets on July 31, 2023, shall be bestowed with two complimentary shore excursions of their own choosing, and a generous three hours of free Wi-Fi onboard. Such bountiful offerings are a treasure trove to treasure indeed! Pricing starts at a mere $1,600 per person, assuming double occupancy, and pray take heed that this gracious boon extends its embrace only to the esteemed residents of North, Central, and South America.

But wait, dear reader, there's more enchantment to reveal! Behold the splendor of Costa Rica, a verdant wonderland, a haven for biodiversity, a sanctuary for the intrepid soul yearning to explore the untamed expanse of nature. 'Tis the ideal locale for an extraordinary holiday getaway! In the promising year of 2023, the seven-day Costa Rica & Nicaragua Christmas Cruise aboard the illustrious Star Clipper shall depart from the port of Puerto Caldero on Dec. 23. On Christmas morn, it shall take to the waves, sailing gracefully from Quepos, Costa Rica, to reach the picturesque San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. And should your heart yearn for more adventure, the Costa Rica & Panama New Year Cruise, casting off on Dec. 30, 2023, also from Puerto Caldero, awaits, its route tracing the hidden wonders of Coiba Island, Panama, home to a UNESCO World Heritage state park, and the beguiling national marine park at Golfo de Chiriquí, before reaching its poetic finale in Balboa, Panama.

Ah, but the grandeur doesn't stop there! Behold the festive plans for 2024, as the 14-day Barbados to Panama Christmas Cruise sets sail from Bridgetown on Dec. 14, calling upon delightful ports in Grenada, Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba, and Colombia, all before embarking on a majestic transit of the legendary Panama Canal. And for those seeking to embark on the eve of a new year, fear not! The Panama to Costa Rica New Year's cruise, commencing on Dec. 28, 2024, has in store a tantalizing treat: spending New Year's Eve in the embrace of the wondrous Coiba Island, Panama.

Ah, dear wanderer, there is no shortage of delights to choose from! Set your sights on the captivating Caribbean, where a journey from island to island holds promises of joyous celebrations. Star Clippers, in all its maritime wisdom, proffers multiple routes to make your dreams a reality. In the splendid year of 2023, Star Flyer, that elegant vessel, shall usher in the new year with an eight-day Treasure Islands New Year's Cruise, its departure set for Dec. 30 from the vibrant port of St. Maarten. Along the way, the ship shall call upon ports in the illustrious B.V.I., and shall grace the shores of St. Barts and St. Kitts, creating a symphony of enchantment.

Ah, but wait, for 2024 has its own bounty of delights to unravel! The regal Royal Clipper shall unfurl its eight-day Grenadine Islands Christmas Cruise on Dec. 21, commencing in the resplendent Bridgetown. Ah, picture it, dear reader, the magic of Christmas morning spent in St. Vincent, and the afternoon in the idyllic embrace of Bequia. Meanwhile, the venerable Star Flyer shall embark on its eight-day Treasure Islands Christmas Cruise, a voyage promising a Christmas day brimming with mirth in the delightful B.V.I. And as the year concludes and the calendar turns anew, the Windward Island New Year's Cruise on Royal Clipper, as well as the Leeward Island New Year's Cruise on Star Flyer, shall set sail on Dec. 28, 2024. Do you dare to imagine the spectacle as these two majestic vessels meet and race near the enchanting Iles de Saintes on Dec. 30?

Ah, dear reader, let us not forget the timeless legacy of Star Clippers, a stalwart guardian of wanderlust, guiding intrepid travelers to remote shores in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Central America for over a quarter of a century. Three colossal and graceful ships, Star Clipper and Star Flyer, embodying the spirit of traditional clipper ships yet brimming with modern comforts, shall ferry 170 esteemed guests, while the esteemed Royal Clipper, a behemoth among sailing vessels, reigns supreme as the largest and sole five-masted, full-rigged sailing ship in all the world, hosting 227 fortunate souls. Decks of teak stretching wide, swimming pools inviting a refreshing dip, informal dining offering a taste of paradise, and convivial tropical bars on deck beckon one and all, for such grandeur is an irresistible siren's call.

So, dear reader, heed this call, set sail with Star Clippers, and surrender yourself to the allure of adventure upon the seven seas. The world awaits, draped in beauty and wonder, ready to be explored and cherished, one piano lounge melody, one starlit night, and one gentle ocean breeze at a time.

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