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Solio Lodge in Kenya

Solio is famed as a lodge in Kenya for its unique and mind-blowing rhino viewing experiences. Tucked in the valley between the lofty slopes of Mount Kenya and the peaks of the Aberdare Mountains, it is the only guest accommodation on the incredible 45,000-acre Solio Game Reserve. Internationally recognized as one of the most successful private rhino breeding sanctuaries in East Africa, visitors will find that sightings of up to 40 rhinoceros at a time are not uncommon. The wildlife experience here is intense and exclusive: 19,000 acres of conservancy surrounded by a 45,000 acre ranch and just one luxury lodge.


Solio is a luxury lodge in Kenya with something for everyone. Rhinos are of course the stars of the show and encountering them offers a magical experience. With over 200 black and white rhinos living on Solio Conservancy, spending time with such vast numbers of these majestic beasts and seeing them at such close range is fascinating and mesmerizing. Head out from the comfort of this exquisite lodge in Kenya to greet the dawn and again at dusk to capture some incredible shots or simply enjoy spending time in their presence.


There is so much else to see and do in addition to the wonderful rhino experience at Solio. Encounter an abundance of wildlife. Sip cocktails with giraffes. Gallop across open plains on horseback. Unwind with a massage beside a crackling fire. From exploring the highest peaks of the nearby Aberdare Mountains, to thrilling game drives, cycling through the bush, visiting one of the local schools we support and cocooning yourself in wellness with our pampering treatments and nutritious cuisine, Solio offers a fabulously well-rounded safari experience for all ages. Enjoy cook-out bush breakfasts on morning game drives and dramatic sundowners next to our long-horned friends. Learn about the myriad of birdlife on a nature walk through the conservancy and Solio Ranch with one of our expert guides.


Enjoy peaceful morning, afternoon and evening game viewing in one of Kenya’s least busy private game reserves. The wildlife is abundant, making for easy and plentiful sightings. It also means there is no need to rush out first thing, unless you want to, of course! Spend time with the prolific numbers of black and white rhino and spot four out of the ‘big five’ (there are no elephants at Solio as they have been purposely fenced out to preserve the vegetation for the endangered black rhino). Reticulated giraffe, eland, waterbuck, lion, leopard, cheetah and many other species can all be spotted.

Guests at Solio benefit from unique roof top benches on our safari vehicles which offer the ultimate, uninterrupted game viewing. Our customised 4 x 4s are also kitted out with ponchos, suncream, drinks and wildlife books – everything to keep you happy during a game drive.


Encountering the unbelievable numbers of both black and white rhinos which live in the core wildlife conservancy is undoubtedly a highlight of any Solio experience. Game drives in our customised vehicles are thrilling as there is a diverse array of species to spot aside from the rhinos. Heading out on a Laikipia safari with one of our professional guides and the promise of a cook-out breakfast in the wild or a sundowner with rhinos makes for a brilliant morning and afternoon. Being located on a private ranch, Solio enjoys the freedom to explore on foot as well as by vehicle. Guests can head out to encounter some of the wildlife on the ranch by foot, bicycle or even horseback. Epic helicopter excursions to Mount Kenya, the Aberdare National Park and flamingo filled lakes are on offer with the option of trout fishing for avid anglers. Back at the lodge, you can relax with the help of our expert therapist and pampering range of massage and beauty treatments.


Gain a whole new perspective on Kenya’s incredible landscape by taking one of our thrilling scenic helicopter excursions. Fly between the jagged snow-capped peaks of Africa’s second highest mountain, land beside shimmering glacial lakes, glide through dramatic rocky gorges and soar alongside pink flamingos. A helicopter trip is the ultimate freedom and opportunity to discover some of Kenya’s most remote and inaccessible locations. From Solio Lodge, there are a number of exciting helicopter trips you can choose from it. Helicopter trips to the top of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare National Park for a spot of fly fishing in some of the crystal-clear mountain streams and lakes are great fun for avid anglers. The age limit for helicopter rides is 2 years.

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