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Silversea Debuts 2024-2025 Voyages in Fashion-Influenced Online Presentation

Luxury cruise line Silversea Cruises pulled out all the stops in its “Color the World” online video presentation revealing its new 2024-2025 voyage collection, comprising 341 new sailings that will visit 695 destinations in 120 countries between March 2024 and May 2025—bringing the total number of destinations in Silversea’s portfolio to over 900.

The expansive offering is the largest in Silversea’s history, with more options for guests thanks to a 56% increase in capacity by 2024 when compared to 2020. Eleven of Silversea’s ships will embark upon the new sailings, with additional voyages aboard Silver Endeavour, the ship just acquired by Silversea from the former Crystal Cruises fleet, to be announced soon.

The 2024-2025 voyage collection includes the inaugural season of Silver Ray, which will strengthen Silversea’s commitment to sustainability when she debuts in summer 2024 as the cruise line’s second Nova-class ship. Encompassing all corners of the world, the 2024-2025 itinerary collection includes a variety of tailor-made experiences, immersive itineraries, and 25 maiden calls to inspire travelers.

Unveiling the new voyage collection, Silversea held an exclusive virtual premiere for selected guests and travel advisors on July 28, which incorporated a high-end fashion show. The cruise line challenged six celebrated designers to express the world’s beauty through fashion, with each taking inspiration from the cultures, colors, and tastes of one region represented in the collection.

Entitled “Color the World,” the innovative production was hosted by Fernando Barroso de Oliveira, Silversea's President's Ambassador to the Venetian Society, who presided over a catwalk-inspired journey through select destinations of the new collection. The event also featured a Q&A session with Roberto Martinoli, president and CEO; Barbara Muckermann, chief commercial officer, and Conrad Combrink, senior vice president-expeditions, destination and itinerary management, who shared their insight with travelers and travel advisors.

"Our new voyage collection for summer 2024 and winter 2024-2025 reflects our guests' desire for new and unique experiences in the most iconic and remote destinations around the world,” said Martinoli. “Our new collection features 11 ships in our fleet—including Silver Ray, the second ship in our Nova class—with an increase in capacity of 56 percent by 2024 when compared to 2020. This will enable our guests to enjoy unprecedented choice in terms of ships and voyage options. Not only will these 341 new sailings immerse travelers deep into each destination, enabling even the most experienced travelers to discover lesser-visited destinations or venture off-season to rediscover the world from a new perspective, but they will also further expand Silversea's global reach. We also look forward to revealing new itineraries for Silver Endeavour, the most luxurious ship in expedition cruising, which will further diversify our industry-leading polar offering."

“In an industry first, we decided to reveal our new 2024-2025 itinerary collection with an exclusive fashion show,” said Muckermann. “Not unlike haute couture, in which designers create exceptional collections that excite and inspire, we chose to ‘color the world’ this year, unveiling our new itineraries by pairing featured regions with the unique interpretations of six celebrated designers to showcase the world’s rich cultures, colors and tastes. There are parallels between travel and fashion: both encourage a deep respect for diversity, an appreciation for different cultures, and an element of self-enrichment. I am proud of the powerful message that we have conveyed, and I hope our guests find inspiration for the experiences that await.”

“Silversea has increased its industry-leading range of experiences with the launch of its largest itinerary collection to date for 2024-2025,” said Combrink. “With 341 itineraries unlocking both Polar Regions, the South Pacific, Africa and the Indian Ocean, the Galapagos, and so much more, Silversea has once again demonstrated its destination leadership, immersing curious travelers into the world in a way that only we can.”

The new 2024-2025 voyage collection includes the following highlights:

The inaugural season of the new Silver Ray: The sister ship to Silversea’s pioneering Silver Nova, Silver Ray will strengthen the cruise line’s commitment to sustainability, incorporating a trio of power sources that include a fuel cell system, battery technology and dual fuel engines that will use liquefied natural gas as the main fuel. She will begin her inaugural season in May 2024 in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. From the Atlantic Isles to the Greek Isles, a series of summer and autumn voyages, ranging from seven to 12 days, will feature a variety of options for travelers seeking to discover the region's cultural treasures, picturesque harbors, and storied cities. In December 2024, Silver Ray will cross the Atlantic to Fort Lauderdale to unlock the Caribbean and Central America for guests. Finally, a circumnavigation of South America, an Amazon River cruise, and a return to Fort Lauderdale will set the stage for a trans-Atlantic crossing back to Europe, departing in April 2025.

Six ships undertaking 19 voyages to Africa and the Indian Ocean: An unprecedented six ships will explore more than 60 destinations in 23 countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean, with expedition options aboard Silver Cloud and Silver Wind complemented by voyages aboard Silver Dawn, Silver Muse, Silver Whisper, and Silver Spirit. New expedition itineraries in South Africa will spotlight unique wildlife with game drives and water activities. A brand-new 18-day Silver Cloud voyage in April 2024 will explore East Africa's Indian Ocean islands, offering the chance to discover the coastal fishing culture of Madagascar's semi-nomadic Vezo people, marvel at the rich biodiversity of Madagascar's Kirindy Forest Reserve, and explore the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani—a UNESCO World Heritage site in Tanzania. In addition, six oceangoing voyages of 16 to 17 days will go through the Suez Canal. Two of these in November 2024, aboard Silver Spirit and Silver Whisper, will offer access to the Nabataean ruins of Hegra in northwest Saudi Arabia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thirteen voyages to 59 destinations in the South Pacific Islands: In the waters of the South Pacific, countless islands of great natural beauty are home to authentic cultures. Aboard expedition ship Silver Cloud and the oceangoing Silver Shadow and Silver Moon, guests will discover the remote region's lagoons, coral reefs, forests and waterfalls; visit local communities and learn about their customs; and admire the flora and fauna. Included among the 13 sailings are new programs spotlighting the islands of Hawaii and French Polynesia, including hidden gems like Fakarava. In addition, Silver Cloud's expedition voyages will explore the cultures and secluded shores of Melanesia, Micronesia and Easter Island.

Thirty-one voyages to 19 countries in Northern Europe: One expedition ship, Silver Wind, and three ocean-going ships, Silver Spirit, Silver Dawn and Silver Ray, will journey to the authentic beauty of 105 destinations in Northern Europe, from the most iconic cities of the Baltic Sea to the pristine fjords of Norway and the idyllic landscapes of the British Isles. A total of nine sailings will be devoted to the Norwegian fjords. Silver Dawn will offer guests the chance to experience coastal Norway amid the colorful foliage of autumn and, perhaps, witness the Northern Lights, while the North Cape will take center stage on a mid-June 2024 voyage. Silver Spirit will circumnavigate Iceland to reveal its stunning scenery, geothermal wonders and Viking history on three voyages during summer 2024. And a collection of Atlantic Coast voyages will include a September 2024 sailing aboard Silver Spirit that will spend 14 days exploring the region's picturesque towns, historic sites and harvesting traditions.

Sixty-seven voyages aboard five ships in the Mediterranean: Charming seaside villages, ancient archaeological treasures, and world-renowned cuisine will be the focus of an extended season in the Mediterranean, spanning from March to December 2024. Ocean-going ships Silver Whisper, Silver Spirit, Silver Moon, Silver Dawn, and Silver Ray will call in 111 destinations in 20 countries. There are several iconic itineraries scheduled in the Greek Isles and Turkey, six voyages to the Holy Land, and in September 2024 a brand-new voyage to the Balearic Islands aboard Silver Whisper—marking a return to Ibiza. Guests traveling aboard Silver Whisper and Silver Spirit in May will have the opportunity to experience the Monaco Grand Prix 2024 in style, with exclusive events. Silversea's innovative culinary program, S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste), will enrich the Mediterranean experience aboard select ships, as will the Otium wellness program aboard Silver Moon, Silver Dawn and Silver Ray.

Thirty-one voyages to Alaska: Silver Muse and Silver Nova will offer an expanded variety of options in Alaska, with 31 sailings devoted to exploring the region's incredible natural beauty and wildlife. A series of seven-day itineraries will showcase classic frontier towns, like Ketchikan and Sitka, as well as Valdez—gateway to the magnificent Columbia Glacier, the second largest tidewater glacier in North America. Several new extended voyages of 10 and 11 days feature longer stays in Juneau to discover one of the largest wilderness areas in the United States, as well as the iconic Mendenhall Glacier and the Mendenhall Ice Caves. Another highlight of the new Alaska program is Silver Muse's 14-day combination voyages, which links back-to-back cruises of seven days to create one unforgettable journey.

New summer voyages in Canada and New England: Quaint villages, historic lighthouses and blazing autumn foliage are among the many treasures to be discovered on a cruise to Canada and New England. Silversea's new full-summer program offers longer, 12-day itineraries designed to spotlight the region's summer festivals, rich colonial and maritime history, windswept coastlines, and the scenic mountain peaks of Acadia National Park. These itineraries aboard Silver Shadow include overnight calls in Québec or Boston, as well as an exploration of the rugged, natural beauty of the rarely visited Îles de la Madeleine Archipelago or a visit to Saint John, New Brunswick, with its spectacular Reversing Falls. During autumn, a series of shorter, 10-day voyages will focus on the area's most iconic cities, such as Halifax and Boston, while offering the chance to witness the colorful autumn foliage.

Eight expeditions to the Arctic and Greenland: Home to long summer nights and housing some of the world's most fascinating wildlife, the Arctic is one of the last undiscovered cruising destinations. In summer 2024, Silver Wind will explore the Arctic and Greenland on eight expedition voyages. Among the highlights are a collection of nine-day cruises that will journey to the glaciers and frozen tundra of Norway's Svalbard Archipelago, a haven for polar bears. Longer 12-day expeditions will also feature Iceland, the land of fire and ice. In-depth expeditions to Greenland and Arctic Canada offer the chance to experience authentic Inuit culture and spot an abundance of wildlife, from walruses, polar bears and bowhead whales, to orcas, narwhals, and beluga whales. Other highlights include a 24-day crossing of the fabled Northwest Passage aboard Silver Wind and a new 18-day expedition spotlighting wild Alaska.

Twenty-one cruises to Antarctica: Few adventures stir the imagination as much as an expedition to the White Continent and the remote islands of the Southern Ocean, from the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Both Silver Cloud and Silver Wind will unlock the region's natural treasures on 21 expedition cruises, featuring an industry-high ratio of onboard expedition experts, complemented by an industry-high ratio of Zodiacs—ensuring guests are immersed into the destinations. Convenient six-day Antarctica Bridge options enable guests to skip the Drake Passage and fly in business-class comfort straight to Antarctica to start their cruise. Antarctic Peninsula voyages of 10 and 12 days offer the chance to cruise the iconic Cape Horn from the preferable gateway of Puerto Williams. Longer voyages calling in South Georgia and the Falkland Islands abound in opportunities to witness orcas, sea lions, seals and five different kinds of penguins.

Twenty-five departures for Australia and New Zealand: With 25 voyages scheduled aboard expedition ship Silver Cloud and the ocean-going Silver Muse and Silver Nova—including inaugural seasons for Silver Nova in Australia and Silver Cloud in The Kimberley region—2024 promises Silversea's largest-ever program in Australia and New Zealand. To mark her first season down under, Silver Nova will offer a set of seven longer and more diverse itineraries, exploring the coast of Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia and Micronesia, while shorter voyages that will focus on Australia and New Zealand highlight Silver Muse's schedule. The Kimberley’s thundering waterfalls, gorges and 40,000 years of Aboriginal history are all on tap for Silver Cloud's debut in the remote coastal region.

Other noteworthy deployments include a set of 27 voyages devoted to Asia, including Silver Nova's inaugural calls in the continent; 10 voyages to South America, including Silver Ray's debut in the region; 18 voyages to the Caribbean and Central America aboard Silver Shadow and Silver Moon, as well as Silver Ray's inaugural voyage to the region; and 52 expeditions aboard Silver Origin, which will take guests closer to the natural wonders of the Galápagos Islands.

In the coming weeks, Silversea will announce additional itineraries for the newest addition to its expedition fleet, Silver Endeavour, which will extend beyond the upcoming Antarctica season. See the virtual premiere of Silversea’s new voyage collection for 2024-2025, featuring Fernando Barroso de Oliveira above.

The pre-sale for Silversea’s new 2024-2025 voyages opened July 28 for all Venetian Society members, while sales open to the general public on Aug. 11, 2022. With the launch of Silversea’s new 2024-2025 itineraries on July 28, the cruise line’s guests will—for the first time—be able to book their shore excursions immediately.

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