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Ponant Debuts Festive New Voyages in the Arctic Circle for the Winter 2024-2025

Ah, behold the winter wonderlands that Ponant has conjured for the festive season—a symphony of snowglobe-like landscapes in Lapland, the Gulf of Bothnia, and the Baltic Sea, all awaiting intrepid voyagers in the winter of 2024-25. Picture yourself immersed in the frozen splendor of northern realms, where reindeer-pulled sleigh rides, ice-fishing escapades, Scandinavian Christmas markets, and the elusive dance of the Northern Lights weave a tapestry of holiday enchantment.

Embark on a 12-day odyssey, "From the Northern Lights to the Polar Light," as Ponant navigates the rugged coastlines of Norway to the ice-clad wonders of Spitsbergen, chasing the ethereal spectacle of the Northern Lights. In Lapland, encounter the Sami people, among the last Indigenous communities in Europe, as you capture the celestial ballet in your lens. With British Photo Ambassador Ian Dawson as your guide, discover the secrets of capturing the perfect shot during the exclusive departure from Oct. 18-29, 2024.

Venture forth on the "Polar Lights: From North Cape to the Lofoten Islands," a 10-day voyage starting in Lakselv and reaching the northernmost tip of Europe. Traverse dramatic fjords, encounter dolomite cliffs, and witness traditional fishing villages and snow-kissed peaks. With Ian Dawson's expert guidance, capture the essence of this frozen panorama during the singular departure from Oct. 29 to Nov. 7, 2024.

The allure of a "Scandinavian Wonderland & Christmas Markets" beckons with a 10-day escapade to enchanting Baltic Sea cities—Stockholm, Gotland, Gdansk, and Helsinki. Immerse yourself in the magic of snow-draped landscapes, the aroma of mulled wine, and the charm of Christmas markets. Explore Gothic and Baroque architecture, revel in a private concert at the Polish Baltic F. Chopin Philharmonic, and wander through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Riga's old town. Two departures await in 2024, from Dec. 2-11 and Dec. 11-20.

Feel the "Christmas Magic with Renaud Capuçon" on a nine-day journey accompanied by the melodies of musician Renaud Capuçon and the narrative finesse of radio presenter Alain Duault. Traverse Scandinavian cities, archipelagos, and snow-laden landscapes, engaging in activities like dog sledding and perusing Christmas markets. Experience the holiday magic with a single departure from Dec. 20-28, 2024.

Embark on a "Musical New Year in the Gulf of Bothnia" with Radio Classique, a nine-day New Year expedition through the Scandinavian region. Visit fairytale towns, the church-town of Gammelstad, and the neoclassical city of Oulu. Sail through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the High Coast archipelago and revel in an unforgettable journey among the skerries of the Stockholm archipelago. Celebrate the New Year with an overnight stay opposite the twinkling lights of the old town, departing from Dec. 28 to Jan. 5, 2025.

For over 35 years, Ponant has committed to responsible tourism and meaningful explorations, offering a French-flagged fleet with 13 small capacity ships, each equipped with state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technology. The journey beckons—come, let the frozen melodies of the North serenade your soul.

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