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Paul Gauguin Invites Kids to Fall in Love With the Ocean

Paul Gauguin gives kids the chance to fall in love with the ocean through its dedicated children's program, the Moana Explorer Program.

Just like the Disney movie of the same name, Paul Gauguin's kids program used the Tahitian word for "ocean," moana.

The Moana Explorer Program was developed in partnership with the South Pacific Marine Education and Conservation Foundation, and includes hiking, snorkeling, hands-on wildlife interaction and more.

One of the program's key elements is dedicated to sea turtle conservation. Guests have the chance to visit Te mana o te moana's Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center and meet the sea turtles, including rescued green, hawksbill, Olive Ridley and loggerhead turtles. Many of the sea turtles at the facility arrive injured and the goal is to return them to their natural habitat.

The other features of the Moana Explorer Program include a family-friendly "Survivor, Tahitian-style" activity held on a Bora Bora beach. This gives youngsters the chance to learn about team building as well as Tahitian culture. Guests build a shelter, eat fruit while blindfolded and learn some traditional Tahitian wrestling techniques.

A beach day also offers further engagement with the natural environment, including crab races, rope pulling and group snorkeling adventures (a swim test is required).

Guests ages 7-15 are invited to participate in the program, which offers daily activities with different opportunities based on specific Paul Gauguin activities.

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