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MSC World Europa Will Offer New Onboard Entertainment in High-Tech Venues

MSC Cruises’ new MSC World Europa is set to feature fresh entertainment options that take the guest experience to the next level—complimenting the cutting-edge technology onboard the line’s most innovative and environmentally advanced new flagship. Guests of all ages will be able to enjoy entertainment from morning to night, including three new concert-style shows in the multipurpose Luna Park Arena; five new full-scale theater productions in the World Theater; four themed experiences in the Panorama Lounge; and surprise pop-up entertainment throughout the ship.

“The brand-new interactive entertainment featured on board MSC World Europa will be unlike anything that our guests have ever experienced, combining futuristic technology and unique specially designed venues,” says Steve Leatham, MSC Cruises global head of entertainment. “From surprise moments that will take place during the entirety of the cruise to spectacular shows and state-of the-art venues, our guests will be blown away by the abundance of fantastic entertainment options on board as they find themselves at the heart of productions and immerse themselves in incredible performances and activities.” The new entertainment on board includes:

Luna Park Arena: The new Luna Park Arena is a 300-seat multifunctional entertainment venue that will host movies, game shows, kids’ activities and themed parties. Daytime offerings include a new VR Drone Academy, two new interactive gameshows, Digital Dance Academy offering three Dance with Flavia classes featuring Strictly Come Dancing champion Flavia Cacace-Mistry, and Doremi’s Wake Up Rave for the ship’s youngest guests. Guests will also be able to participate in challenges aimed at breaking Guinness World Record titles during daytime events and a large-scale evening show in the arena.

At night, the venue comes to life with three interactive concerts combining technology and stunning visuals. In Symphonic Ibiza, guests can enjoy a night of music and mystique with a big screen orchestra, modern Euro dance music, three specialty artists, dancers, a DJ, two vocalists, and a club-style atmosphere that continues well into the night. Supershow is a unique K POP party that will allow guests to let loose as they learn dance routines and sing along with hits, accompanied by street dancers, acrobats and vocalists. Participants will also be able to see themselves on the Boogie Cam as they follow along with the dance moves. Finally, Crimson Club is an all-out action adventure for the whole family featuring a movie-themed stunt show. The audience will pick sides, interact via spy cams, and encounter a few surprises as actors mingle with the crowd

Five Full Theater Shows: The World Theater, the main stage on board, will feature five original shows focused on exploration, travel, the sea, and sustainability. The audience will experience the shows’ combination of amazing talent, LED visuals, incredible scenery and props, and 350 custom-made costumes. Shows include Eko, with costumes made from recycled material; the original Amelia Earhart show, with an E-Bike Stunt Wheel symbolizing the complexity of her aircraft; A Night on Broadway, featuring classic theater show tunes that the audience will know and love; Cadmo The Landwalker, focusing on exploration; and Yellow Submarine, featuring circus elements based on Beatles songs

Panorama Lounge: The aft of the ship features the Panorama Lounge, which will have music-themed experiences to enjoy over pre-show drinks, changing screens that reflect the nightly theme, and an interactive floor with unique designs that will transform the space. During the day, guests can tap into their creativity as the floor turns into a giant coloring book for all ages to fill in unique designs. At night, four immersive 90-minute music experiences will light up the lounge by showcasing dance styles from across the globe including samba, tango, waltz, disco, lindy hop and many more. Live bands, dancers, singers, aerialists and acrobats will take part in: Let’s Get Loud, featuring popular music like “Despacito” and “Bailamos”; Ultimate Disco, offering bright colors and classics including “Boogie Wonderland” and “Turn the Beat Around”; Bandstand Boogie, taking guests back with old-school tunes; and Rock Evolution, a rock and roll dance party featuring iconic hits like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” After each show, the venue transitions into one of several themed nightclub experiences.

Street Theater: Aside from the dedicated venues on MSC World Europa, there will be a variety of surprise moments that pop up throughout the ship during the entirety of the cruise. The two living exhibitions feature Instagrammable content that focuses on the themes of Earth and Ocean. Artists, actors, musicians and props will appear at random, stopping guests in their tracks as they explore MSC World Europa.

Other Attractions: The ship is also outfitted with original attractions and activities that will provide even more options for entertainment. The Venom Drop @ The Spiral is the longest dry slide at sea, with sleek curves spanning 11 decks to offer an adventure that doubles as an architectural centerpiece. The ship will feature the fleet’s largest waterpark—complete with VR technology. Sea days come alive with activities like the roller disco, rock & roll bingo and bumper cars. A Sundowner DJ party will take place each evening with a holographic DJ experience.

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