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Ireland Vacation

Our VIP clients returned back from Ireland. Here are just some highlights from their vacation.

It was great! We did a beer and fish tour in Howth while we were in Dublin and that was fantastic. Trinity college tour in Dublin was also very interesting and we enjoyed that.

Gallway was beautiful and fun! We did that boat tour from Ashford castle in Mayo and that was gorgeous. We couldn't go into Ashford castle (guess they changed that with Covid) but was still beautiful to see. We saw salt hill in Gallway also beautiful.

Killarney was also amazing- weather just wasn't great there. But we rented bikes and did the killarney national park and that was so much fun. Saw Muckross house and Torc waterfall. We drove a little of the ring of Kerry which is beautiful just those streets with coach buses are a bit frightening. Killarney and Gallway were probably our two favorites. The bars and live music at Killarney was great. Cork was probably our least favorite- glad we saw it though. Compared to the other cities it was just not as pretty. But overall we had a fantastic time!

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