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Iberostar Returns to Its Roots by Opening an All-Inclusive Resort in Majorca

In a delightful twist of fate, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has made a triumphant return to its roots, and not just in one way, mind you. As a distinguished pioneer in responsible tourism, Iberostar has proudly unveiled its latest gem, the splendid Iberostar Selection Albufera, nestled in the heart of Majorca. And what's more, this grand unveiling marks the introduction of their all-inclusive model to the shores of Spain—a model that has been wowing guests in the sun-drenched Caribbean for over three decades. Palma de Majorca, the very home of Iberostar, bears witness to this joyous homecoming.

Perched along the enchanting seafront of Playa de Muro, a slice of heaven regarded as one of Majorca's finest beaches, this resort stands as a testament to Iberostar's unwavering commitment to sustainability across its global operations and hotels. The resort is the product of a remarkable transformation, a harmonious fusion of two of the company's beloved hotels in the Bay of Alcudia: Iberostar Selection Albufera Park and Iberostar Selection Albufera Playa. Emerging from their chrysalis, they now emerge as a uniquely sustainable haven in Spain, adorned with exquisite décor inspired by the flora and fauna of the Albufera Natural Park, basking in the inherent ecological splendor of its privileged locale.

Fernando García, the Iberostar Group's chief resources officer, shares his delight, stating, "In this extraordinary endeavor, we have heeded the voices of our cherished guests who yearned to return year after year to revel in the wonders of this Majorcan sanctuary. Throughout the renovation process, which involved a multitude of local suppliers, we adopted a circular economy approach—reusing, donating, and recycling materials and waste, thus upholding Iberostar's sacred principles of sustainability. Through this metamorphosis, we aim to fulfill the desires of our guests seeking a truly encompassing holiday experience while maintaining the highest standards of quality."

To illuminate its commitment to a greener future, Iberostar Selection Albufera has adorned its rooftops with solar panels, harnessing the boundless power of renewable energy and making a resolute stride towards reducing CO2 emissions—a testament to Iberostar's ambitious decarbonization roadmap, charted to reach fruition by 2030. Additionally, one of the resort's splendid buffets has bid farewell to gas and ushered in the era of electricity, employing induction hobs with flair and finesse. Renovation efforts extended beyond the mere facade, as recycled and environmentally friendly materials imbue the revamped facilities with an air of conscious elegance. Native plant species, thoughtfully chosen, aid in minimizing water consumption, while an innovative AI-based food control system joins the noble cause of waste reduction.

The extensive refurbishment, an ambitious endeavor commenced in 2022, breathed new life into every corner of this tranquil haven, including its 600 inviting rooms. With the ingenuity of Iberostar's in-house design team as their guiding light, the project's aesthetic was molded by the captivating marine and floral wonders that grace the surroundings. Every nook and cranny echoes the dance of light, the vibrant hues of the façade, the meticulously curated landscapes, and the gardens that adorn the resort. Communal spaces and leisure areas, along with the ten alluring bars and restaurants, embrace warm tones and Mediterranean textiles, lending the hotel complex a touch of personality that resonates with its discerning guests.

Embracing a revitalized concept of family resort living, Iberostar Selection Albufera promises an exceptional, diverse, and sustainable culinary experience. Local suppliers take center stage, presenting quality products while honoring the principles of responsibility. Delight awaits at Kyknos, a Greek restaurant that conjures the very essence of Greece with its harmonious blend of colors, aromas, and flavors. Nopal, a Mexican haven, draws upon Iberostar's seasoned chefs to deliver an authentic taste of the Aztec culinary heritage. And then, there is Martinete, a Spanish culinary sanctuary where national cuisine takes flight, and Óliba, a bar that captures the essence of the Mediterranean, paying homage to the indigenous owl that graces the Albufera Park—a fitting tribute indeed. To cater to family holidays amidst nature's embrace, the resort also boasts the Star Café, a charming cafeteria, and the IceDream ice cream parlor, an oasis of frozen delights on the seafront.

Guests revel in boundless enjoyment as they navigate the resort, indulging in all its splendors, regardless of their chosen accommodations. Iberostar Selection Albufera Park, a haven tailor-made for families, pampers both adults and children with its specially crafted rooms, complemented by exciting new additions such as Star Camp and the delightful splash pool. Conversely, Iberostar Selection Albufera Playa welcomes guests to a realm of exclusivity, offering rooms with privileged access to the pool, an adult-only rooftop terrace adorning the beachfront—a serene sanctuary reserved for those residing in the Star Prestige category. To complete this idyllic picture, a pool, a sun deck, and sumptuous Balinese beds beckon, promising respite and rejuvenation in equal measure.

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