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Dream Vacation in Anguilla

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Our VIP clients just returned back from a short family break out in Anguilla. Here are just some highlights from their family vacation.

When you arrive in Anguilla, the stresses of everyday life are left far behind. Malliouhana, Auberge Resorts Collection, put Anguilla on the map as the romantic getaway. The oceanfront resort continues to set the standard for modern-day island glamour set atop a bluff that rolls down to pristine white sands and azure-blue sea.

Feedback from our client who just returned from Anguilla

Mead’s Bay (where we stayed) is the most beautiful — a long semi-circle anchored by Malliouhana in the West and the Four Seasons in the East — and has the most little beach coves and nooks. The beach itself is long and spotless and the water stunning. It also has a cluster of the top restaurants own the island, within very easy walking distance from Malliouhana, which is a huge plus. There is also a Moke rental right at the edge of the resort, which was a lot of fun for a day.

- Maliouhana is lovely. The staff is super nice, professional, friendly, warm, and helpful. It’s definitely designed in the traditional island style — white stucco, lots of teals, yellows, and turquoise. It is very well maintained, spotless and the amenities are excellent. The pools, beach facilities, restaurants, bars are excellent. Lots of free water-sport equipment, boats, kayaks, paddleboards, et al. The geographical location and the physical property is the best that we saw on the island — better than the Four Seasons even. It has a multitude of beaches, very private, including swim/snorkel-only little coves and nooks and crannies which are very lovely. On-premises restaurants are quite expensive — $90 dollars for a simple breakfast for two; $250-300 for dinner. The concierge can literally do anything for you and have it delivered, but the cost is $$$. But, you literally can have everything catered and they are super thorough and we meant a lot of super lovely staff from the most junior to the manager.

- Our beach-front room is literally one of two such nice rooms and the location could not be more perfect — 50 feet to the beach from the patio, a 100 feet to a full-service beach, 5 minutes walk to 3/4 top restaurants

- Cap Juluca is really nice — it’s designed in a similar style as Malliouhana, but its buildings are low and the resort is very long. This means that literally, every room is beachfront, unlike Malliouhana, which has 3-4 stories in the main buildings, and those rooms require a short walk doesn’t have some stairs to the beach. The beach is very nice and less wavy than Maliouhana, but you don’t get the lovely variety of little beaches like Mal. and the area around Cap Juluca is bland and more run-down and can’t walk to any other resorts or restaurants. Beautiful lobby and restaurants on-premises and friendly staff and amenities.

- Quintessence (Relais and Chateaux property) is nearby and very small and boutique and very lovely, but the beach is tiny and can’t really walk anywhere, but very lovely as most R & C properties.

- The Four Seasons is stunning and the sunsets from the Sunset Bar are spectacular. It’s grandiose, the infinity pools, the materials, the soaring lobby, the long, palm tree-lined promenade to the hotel, and the beachfront villas with their own golf carts are very impressive. The prices reflect that, but it looks very modern and cold — lots of glass, steel, marble — doesn’t have the sense and warmth of the island or local vibe, unlike Malliouhana or Cap Juluca. Very different crowd — much more opulence on display , whereas Malliouhana is subtler and more casual and relaxed and the crowd is not flashy. Also, their main beach is smaller and not as nice as Malliouhana and they don’t have the diversity or beaches.

- Right between the Four Seasons and Malliouhana — in the middle of Mead’s Bay — is Frangipani. It looks smaller by half than either and less expensive, but it’s in a great location right in the middle of the bay, with a lovely beach and a really good restaurant on-premises. Breakfast is free for guests there, which is a nice savings of $40-50 bucks per person per day.

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