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Crystal Cruises Unveils New Set of Itineraries on Two Ships for 2025

In the ever-swirling world of luxury cruising, there's big news afloat! The venerable Crystal Cruises, freshly acquired by the A&K Travel Group, has emerged from its chrysalis with a renewed sense of wanderlust. Prepare to be whisked away on a globe-trotting odyssey, as Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony unveil their glittering 2025 itineraries.

Picture this: a symphony of adventure, both on and off the ship, awaits intrepid travelers. Crystal Cruises, once a bastion of opulence on the high seas, now promises unparalleled opportunities for exploration and cultural immersion. It's not just about the ship; it's about the world beyond. With a burst of enthusiasm, these vessels are ready to embark on industry-leading voyages of discovery that'll whisk you to iconic locales and secret corners of the globe.

Now, brace yourself for a staggering stat – 720 days of adventure spread across 73 sailings, encompassing 112 countries and an impressive 281 ports. That's more passport stamps than you can shake a selfie stick at!

Cristina Levis, the high-flying CEO of A&K Travel Group, can't contain her excitement: "We're thrilled to present an inspiring array of 2025 itineraries. Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony are poised to take you to treasure troves of the world, including some once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list destinations, all wrapped in bespoke experiences crafted by the illustrious Abercrombie & Kent."

Now, let's talk specifics.

Crystal Serenity 2025 Itinerary Highlights:

Imagine starting your journey in the enchanting city of Marseille and gliding through the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. Along the way, you'll discover the birthplace of the legendary Pablo Picasso, Málaga, and the charming town of Ronne with its half-timbered houses. But that's just the beginning.

Ever wanted to witness the ethereal Northern Lights? Well, pack your thermal socks, because you'll be heading to Longyearbyen, Svalbard – the gateway to this celestial spectacle.

The Faroe Islands and Iceland will steal your heart with their rugged beauty, featuring stops at Tórshavn, Djupivogur, and Reykjavik, among other gems.

And for leaf-peeping aficionados, a fall voyage will sweep you through North American ports like Québec City, Gaspé, Newport, Boston, and New York City. Autumn's vibrant foliage will be your backdrop.

But wait, there's more! The holiday season at sea means sunny Caribbean escapades, with stops in Montego Bay, Aruba, the Cayman Islands, Cartagena, and a transiting of the iconic Panama Canal.

Crystal Symphony 2025 Highlights:

Crystal Symphony isn't one to be outdone. It's kicking off 2025 with a Southeast Asian extravaganza. Think pristine beaches in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, and the volcanic wonders of Sabang and Weh Island.

For the culture buffs, multi-day port calls will immerse you in the heart of urban Asia, from Ho Chi Minh City to Halong Bay, Laem Chabang to Shanghai. Palawan's ecological splendor and Brunei's rainforests await.

If you've got a need for speed, time your visit with the Grand Prix and roar into Monaco and Villefranche-sur-Mer. You'll watch the iconic race while living the Formula 1 dream in two of Europe's dazzling destinations.

Mediterranean mavens will adore stops in Haifa, Dubrovnik, Cyprus, and Greece's postcard-perfect isles like Zakynthos, Corfu, and Santorini.

And as the year unfolds, the Middle East beckons. From the Egyptian treasures of Safaga (Luxor) to the dazzling luxury of Dubai and the marine wonderland of Salalah in Oman, your senses will be on overdrive.

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