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ClubMed Cancun Yucatan vacation

Sasha, hi!

We really loved it! The resort is under new management, two managers are currently in charge. I’ve heard they are rotated between resorts all over the world on the annual basis. These two guys are doing an amazing job.

Entertainment is non stop all day long. They bring a lot of local performers during the day and for the evening shows. Young people, talented. I enjoyed all the musicians, gymnasts, shows they brought. There is also a team on the campus that work with kids and have shows on some evenings. They are amazing. I liked the vibe - not like other resorts in Mexico with the same feathers shows. Just young and talented people - rock group, solo singers, pop music band, fire show, modern dance group. All local and I think it is amazing.

Beach is awesome, food is great in the big cafeteria, they offer some truly delicious cousins there. There are two restaurants on the grounds and they are great too. Steak house and Mexican.

Rooms are very simple and clean, beds are comfortable. There are two new and expensive buildings as well for those who want more comfort.

I've seen and heard people from France, Israel, and Germany, few American families.

What surprised me was a lot of student age kids. A lot. So, I believe this is the best place for a family vacation for all from 1-120) I’ve met a Russian

couple - daughter (56) and mom (80+), few families with babies and many with kids Hannah’s age or younger.

It was relaxing, a lot of classes are offered during the day - yoga, boot camp, aqua aerobics, stretching, tennis, snorkeling, regatta class, etc. Every hour there is something for adults and kids. You just do you whatever it is. It was awesome, I came back rested, will definitely go there again. It is my kind of vacation - simple but very unique. The sea was great, the weather too. Loved every minute of it and did not want to go back, honestly.

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