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Club Med to Open New Japan Ski Resort, Sets Resort Renovations and More

In the enthralling world of Club Med, where all-inclusive wonders abound, a multitude of extraordinary developments unfurl like colorful sails across the azure seas of the next year. A captivating journey awaits as we traverse through the captivating landscapes of Japan's snowy mountains, the vibrant Caribbean, and the enchanting French Caribbean. Come, dear traveler, let us embark on this remarkable adventure together.

Nestled amid the enchanting slopes of Hokkaido, Japan's Club Med Kiroro Grand emerges as a radiant jewel in the crown of the brand's 20 mountain resorts worldwide. Here, amidst the white powder snow and unique ski trails, families, couples, and skiing enthusiasts shall revel in an elevated mountain vacation that stretches till May, with a staggering 160 days of winter wonder. Venture into the cultural tapestry of the region, where day trips to Otaru, a coastal town of Sapporo, reveal secrets of glasswork and the delightful art of Sake and beer distillation. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Hokkaido's native Ainu people, discover handcrafted wood carvings and embroidered clothing in charming local shops. The Club Med Kiroro Grand promises an enchanting escape where impeccable trails intertwine with the vibrant cultures and activities of the Kiroro region.

From the captivating peaks of Japan, we set sail to the tropical shores of Club Med Punta Cana, the Caribbean family flagship resort, now adorned with all-new renovations and extensions. Welcome to Hispaniola, a beachside bistro that beckons with its vibrant art, music, and cultural ambiance, setting the stage for a gastronomic journey like no other. Feast upon a delightful medley of global fare, tantalizing your taste buds with the finest local produce, international cuisine, and the signature French savoir-faire, a true celebration of culinary mastery.

Our journey takes an artistic turn as we arrive at Club Med Buccaneer's Creek in the vibrant heart of the French Caribbean. Here, a symphony of refreshing renovations sweeps through 139 exquisite rooms, unveiling modern furnishings, delightful fabrics, and an ambiance that echoes the island's vivacious greenery and the shimmering turquoise waters. Set foot in the transformed reception area, a tropical oasis of green, teal, and yellow hues, inviting us into a world of endless adventure.

Among the treasures of Club Med, the mesmerizing teens programming unfurls like the pages of an enchanting storybook. With Club Med Teens and Club Med Chill Pass, a world of age-appropriate activities awaits, sparking creativity and excitement among our young travelers. Engage in the Teens Show, a modern talent spectacle adorned with trendy dances and mesmerizing LED lights, or dare to conquer the Big Splash, a giant inflatable water course that challenges the brave-hearted in a race to the finish line. As night descends, Sports Under the Stars beckons with glow volleyball, a thrilling way to stay active under the enchanting moonlight.

Amidst all this wonder, Club Med's unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism shines like a guiding star. Engage in beach cleanups at Club Med Columbus and Club Med Turkoise, joining hands to keep the environment pristine and free from debris. Experience the joy of turtle releases at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific and embrace the spirit of responsible tourism. Witness the beehive growth initiative at Club Med Québec, where honey harvested from the beehives enriches local dishes and drinks. Dive into the captivating Mini Sea Camp at Club Med Columbus, where young souls are enlightened about coral reef preservation and the marvels of marine ecosystems.

With every stroke of adventure, with each ripple of joy, Club Med unfurls a tapestry of unforgettable experiences, a harmonious symphony of wellness, culture, and nature. So, my dear fellow travelers, let us embark on this journey of a lifetime, where the world of Club Med embraces us with open arms and captures our hearts forever.

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