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Breathtaking Azores

Our VIP clients just returned back from Azores. Here are just some highlights from their family vacation.

"We had a wonderful time, really enjoyed the Azores. We were happy with everything. The apartment we rented on our own I also recommend. You can book with him directly from his website for any of your future clients. It was a nice location, great apartment and garden and he was very attentive to any of our needs. Supermarket only 5 min drive and full kitchen. The garden was the best party.

The Charming Blue hotel was very nice on Santa Maria. Flights between islands very simple.

The WhaleBay apartments were also a great option, we could have stayed there longer. Nice apartments and kitchen and property.

Definitely need a car on both islands.

Overall we had a wonderful trip. Very nature oriented and laid back. Definitely not for anyone that is looking for a "beach vacation" since beaches don't have many amenities and are mostly volcanic rock/sand. More hiking adventure touring.

The whale and dolphin tours worked out great."

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