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Best Caribbean LUXURY resorts - Antigua, Aruba, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia


Hermitage Bay is a five-star, luxurious Caribbean resort situated off a stunning Antiguan resort beach. The resort is surrounded by enchanting tropical gardens featuring diverse plant life and wild animals, a natural bay of azure waters, and silk-colored pristine sands.

Over thirty individual suites are located on the hillside of this very bay. This Antiguan resort is located on one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in all of the Caribbean. Thusly, it has the opportunity to fully take advantage of all the features that this natural Caribbean paradise offers.

The aforementioned activities mentioned include the following: cooking courses, farm tours, fishing, a fitness centre, golf and tennis, historic site tours, etc. The beautiful environment offered at the Hermitage Bay resort, as well as the secluded suites, romantic garden suites, and private meeting spaces are perfect for weddings, honeymoons, business meetings, vow renewals, etc. The staff at the Hermitage Bay resort are dedicated to give you an unforgettable romantic weddings alongside a peaceful sunset or even a highly professional and secluded business meeting over delicious catering and more.

There are over three restaurants at this Caribbean resort, some headed by five-star chef “Desroy Spence”. All products are freshly grown and harvested from an organic kitchen garden. There are several varied, and high-end menus that feature local Caribbean and classical Mediterranean influence.

The beautiful garden spa at the Hermitage Bay resort is dedicated to bring you peace, tranquility, and a sound body and soul. With soothing music, aromatherapy and traditional, locally sourced SPA therapies all featured on an extensive SPA menu. One can also relax in several meditation, yoga, and even pilates classes, all headed by licensed professionals. A fitness centre is also offered.

Jumby Bay Island

This resort is located atop a 300-acre, secluded beach resort. It is surrounded on all sides by miles of towering palm trees, lush landscapes and gardens, not to mention a local ecosystem of wildlife and plant life. A short but worthwhile boat trip to the Bay Island itself is all that separates the airport from this Caribbean paradise, ensuring that this resort is one of the most secluded and masterfully crafted in all of Antigua. This resort is nothing short of a Caribbean oasis situated on a phenomenally pristine beach.

This beach resort is jam-packed with countless activities and relaxing ventures to keep you busy having fun all vacation long. Some activities include but aren’t limited to: a private picnic, deep-sea coral snorkeling, a romantic, barefoot walk along a sunset-leaden beach shore, and more. The tropical ecosystem and pristine white sands perfectly compliment any sort of occasion or meeting that could be conducted at this resort.

The exquisite catering that the talented staff at Jumby Bay provides, as well as the large meeting spaces and extremely secluded locations are perfect for any romantic honeymoon, business meetings, etc. The culinary experience at Jumby Bay is completely unparalleled by any other resort beach. The fine dining offered at this resort takes influence from local cuisine and traditions, European products, harvested fruits, vegetables and seafood, etc. All produce is collected from surrounding farming communities and local gardens.

The SPA facility at this resort uses a combination of modern and technologically advanced practices from around the world and the ancient traditional products used in the local West Indies. Local produce derived from products such as coconut, aloe, lemongrass, oils, etc. is perfect for the peaceful calming of the mind, body, and soul, something that is central to any SPA experience.


Bucuti and Tara

For those who seek a tranquil beach vacation on a varied and extensive resort with suites, penthouses, staterooms, etc. all with hundreds of different and masterfully crafted amenities and features, then the Bucuti and Tara resort is the place to visit on your next vacation. The romantic beaches of Aruba, as well as the beautiful waters with hints of green and turquoise perfectly complement the relaxing nature of the resort.

Some of the amenities and activities offered at this resort include the following: a jeep-safari tour of Aruba (headed by the concierge at the hotel resort), diving and sailing excursions, horseback riding, golf, visiting the casino, going shopping, live entertainment, etc.

The resorts rooms themselves host a variety of amenities to enhance your daily relaxation experience. Each suite is masterfully designed and crafted with the wants and intents of the guests in mind. Amenities include: cushioned sun-bends and a stunning view of the waters, high-speed Wi-Fi, self-serving laundry service, movies outside, under the stars, and more.

Enjoy a fantastically cooked dinner whilst sitting in front of a gorgeous view of the Caribbean. Restaurants specialize in localized Caribbean cooking and European cuisine, as well a wide array of freshly picked, collected, and prepared vegetables and dairy dishes for vegan and vegetarian menus.

The SPA here at Bucuti and Tara is great at celebrating the wide array of flora and natural, localized produce at this Aruban, Caribbean paradise. Enjoy a full massage or treatment session where you can indulge in the skin, hair, and body wellness care options of your choice. Options include: therapeutic and couples massages, facials, wraps, etc.

This resort is perfect for a romantic couples evening walk along the coast or a candle-lit dinner by the seaside. This resort’s staff offers a wide array of activities for couples to participate in. These activities include: engaging in a couples massage, walk along an isolated patch of the Caribbean beach, watching a romantic movie under the stars, sailing alongside the Caribbean sunset, etc.


Sandy Lane

The resort rooms at this hotel offer the perfect view of the surrounding Caribbean paradise seen from every direction. Palm trees lined alongside the coastline and the pristine white sands perfectly compliment the indoor decor and the lush gardens , as well as the corals and sea shells scattered amongst the ground.

The restaurants at this resort celebrate exceptional and iconic ingredients found from all around the world to please all types of palates. Restaurants and bars overlook the coast and beautiful beach scenery. French, Italian and local Caribbean ingredients, dishes, and techniques are welcome and highlighted.

Advanced, modernized technologies like jet baths and skin treatments, as well as a variety of facials, specialized massages, body treatments, aromatherapies, hydrotherapy, 11 treatment rooms, walls of aromatic cherry wood. Local Caribbean traditions and wellness produce is welcome, and a fitness centre is one of the best in all of Barbados.

Family friendly activity options are what shine at this Caribbean resort as a Treehouse Club will fully entertain and distract any children visiting Barbados, and fun-for-the-whole family sports such as water-sports, golf, tennis, and tours of the island are available. The staff at this Barbados resort come full-equipped to handle any sort of occasion or meeting that you might have planned, for as long as you wish. Whether it is a wedding, a business meeting, a honeymoon, or celebration, a secluded and private meeting room for all ages ensures that your celebration will be unforgettable.

St. Lucia

Jade Mountain

Situated atop a 600 acre beachside resort, on a upwards hillside of organic and natural architecture, man-made Caribbean inspired decor, and the stunning beauty of the beaches. Bridges lead to infinity pools and beautifully crafted columns and make this resort one of the best in the Caribbean.

Open breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the chefs at this resort restaurant use a variety of produce, ingredients, and proteins from all around the world. Native St. Lucian techniques as well as Caribbean traditional products are combined with cultural classics to produce a high-end and versatile menu.

A variety of treatments and professional massages are offered at the infinity pool sanctuary, Jade Mountain SPA. A boutique is nearby and yoga, pilates and fitness classes are also available. Local products are used in a variety of classical body and beauty treatments, as well as aromatherapy, and holistic services.

The Caribbean environment is perfect for a number of resort provided activities offered at this very hotel. The activities offered include the following: snorkeling, scuba diving, bird watching, excursions, beachside walks, walking and hiking, water sports, bird-watching, jungle bike tours, kayaking, tennis, etc.

St. Kitts and Nevis

Four Seasons

A soulful oasis situated atop a green hillside on Nevis Peak, this Four Seasons resort is surrounded by acres of pure, natural beauty and lush shrubbery. Guests can gaze upon the silk-colored sands and pure blue, coral laden waters from the comfort of their staterooms.

Most guest rooms come with a stunning view of the surrounding shrubbery, lush ecosystem, and the beautiful Nevis Peak Hillside. They also come with the following amenities: king and queen size beds, patio or balcony view, a mix of Caribbean colors and lush silk fabrics, Wi-Fi, etc. The resort itself has a large number of restaurants, 6 in fact, each are very distinct and represent large sections of the world.

Cuisine ranges from in-room breakfast and lunch, Mediterranean influences, Italian and French Fusions, local islander cuisine, Latin American cuisine, etc.

Enjoy multiple full-body massages and a variety of treatments. The team specializes in taking ingredients native to the Caribbean mainland and incorporating them into oils, treatments, creams and lotions, skin, body, and hair care, etc. Coconut oil scrubs, yoga, and pilates, is also available. The beaches at St. Nevis are some of the most romantic in the entire. They are then perfect for weddings near the Caribbean coast and atop the purely pristine white sands. Arrangements and plans for setting, seats, cake, and large meeting or ballroom spaces will all be created and managed by the talented and dedicated staff at the four seasons. Advanced technology concerning sound and video will be available.



Located on a wide Caribbean beach resort and lush garden, the resort rooms at Calabash offer many amenities to enhance your vacation experience. These include the following: air conditioning and ceiling fans, skin care products, hair dryers, a flat-screen TV, internet access, etc.

Excellent service and perfectly paired, savory Caribbean and European dishes are commonplace on this resort’s dining restaurant. Breakfast is also offered at one of the many restaurants at Calabash with a high-end and delicious twist. One can also enjoy lunch at the a picnic section of the beach atop the silky sanda and near the azure waters.

The SPA offers a wide array of items and produce native to the Caribbean on the menu. From massages to aroma/hydro therapies, to rehydration and hundreds of types of skin and body treatments to immerse you in an environment of relaxation and peaceful tranquility.

The resort is jam-packed with a number of environmental and in-door, technological activities and amenities. These include the following: snorkeling and sightseeing the underwater wildlife and ecosystem, yoga, sailing and boat touring, a fitness room, tennis, diving, water sports, etc. Just like for activities, and staterooms, the meeting spaces and ballroom events (weddings, business meetings, celebrations, honeymoons, etc.), the staff at Calabash offer a number of amenities and add-ons to perfectly craft and plan in detail your celebration night: catering, musical addons, preparations of marriage documents, catering, beachside wedding locations, and more.

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