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Backroads Launches Dolce Tempo Active Tours for Families with Older Teenage Kids

In the exhilarating realm of active travel, where adrenaline and exploration converge, Backroads, the renowned travel company, is embarking on an audacious voyage by introducing a fresh suite of tours specifically tailored for teenagers and twentysomethings. Welcome the marvelous Dolce Tempo trips, thoughtfully designed to cater to families with both adolescents and adults, where the itineraries align harmoniously with other Backroads active adventures but at a more leisurely pace, affording ample downtime to relish the delights of each destination - be it the inviting pool, the quaint charms of the town, or any other captivating indulgence.

These enchanting Dolce Tempo Easygoing Family Trips offer a unique opportunity for families to bond and journey together, savoring activities specifically crafted for their respective age groups. Moreover, these journeys become even more enriched by the shared experience with families who are traversing similar stages of life.

Back in 2020, Backroads triumphantly unveiled their Dolce Tempo Easygoing Active escapades, featuring thrilling e-bike, walking, and multi-adventure tours that immediately captivated the hearts of enthusiastic travelers. Over the course of time, the allure of Dolce Tempo has expanded, embracing more locations around the globe, as well as including active ocean and river cruises. Evidently, these trips have garnered widespread popularity across all age groups, as they flawlessly combine the cherished comforts of an all-inclusive resort with the immersive and dynamic experiences that Backroads excels in delivering.

Delving into the extraordinary array of Dolce Tempo Easygoing Family Walking Tours, we discover delightful offerings like the "A Taste of Camino de Santiago Easygoing Walking Tour," a perfect choice for families with older teens and twentysomethings. Not to be outdone, the "California's Yosemite Easygoing Walking Tour" beckons to families with 20s and beyond, while the splendid "Cinque Terre & Tuscany Easygoing Walking Tour" welcomes families in the same age range.

For the intrepid souls yearning for more multifaceted adventures, the Dolce Tempo Easygoing Family Multi-Adventure Tours present an enchanting selection. From the enchanting "Croatia to Montenegro Easygoing Multi-Adventure Tour" to the awe-inspiring "Iceland's Glaciers & Coast Easygoing Multi-Adventure Tour" catering to both older teens and twentysomethings, these expeditions are sure to create everlasting memories. Families with adult kids in their 20s can also relish exciting multi-adventure tours in captivating locales like Maine's Acadia, Santorini & Crete, Switzerland, and Utah's Bryce & Zion.

For the modern adventurers looking to conquer terrain on two wheels, the Dolce Tempo Easygoing Family E-bike Tours offer a wealth of exploration options. Experience the captivating charm of the Netherlands & Belgium or embark on the scenic "Santa Barbara to Ojai Easygoing E-bike Tour" with your 20s and beyond family members. Additionally, the allure of Tuscany's Chianti awaits those who crave a delightful e-bike journey.

Tom Hale, the visionary founder and CEO of Backroads, enthusiastically shares his insights on these marvelous excursions: "We know that families love to be active together whether it's biking, walking, or embarking on other thrilling adventures, but they also cherish moments of tranquility, immersed in the local culture and unwinding at their own pace. Witnessing an upsurge in families yearning to explore the world together through active vacations is truly remarkable. Our Dolce Tempo trips have been an overwhelming success with adults of all ages, and now, we have curated these new tours for families with teenagers and young adults, striking an ideal equilibrium between active exploration and well-deserved downtime."

Backroads' Dolce Tempo Easygoing Active Tours for Families with Older Teens & 20s and Adult Kids 20s & Beyond are specifically designed for families traveling with adolescents aged 17 and older. It's worth noting that the minimum age requirement to partake in the e-bike expeditions is 16.

With such an enticing medley of adventures tailored for these vibrant age groups, Backroads sets forth on an exhilarating odyssey, beckoning families to create unforgettable memories in the world's most captivating destinations. So, if you're yearning for a thrill-seeking escapade or an opportunity to bask in the wonders of nature, the Dolce Tempo tours eagerly await your arrival!

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