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Awesome trip to Costa Rica

Our VIP clients just returned back from Costa Rica. Here are just some highlights from their family vacation.

"Costa Rica was amazing! Royal Corin was beautiful however there were some drawbacks. Due to Covid the sauna was closed and the spa menu was limited. Also, the restaurant menu was much smaller than what was listed on the website. The hot tubs outside needed maintenance as almost none of the jets worked. The resort however was very clean, the staff was helpful, and the food and drinks we did have were great. Their covid protocols overall were excellent and we never felt uneasy.

We enjoyed the Westin as well. For the most part the food was great. The pool area was very clean. We appreciated the all inclusive. The rooms were what we expected, we did get an upgrade though because of Marriott status.

We really enjoyed Jacamar as a tour company. The only tour that was slightly underwhelming was the Sloth tour. The guide was great though. Proyecto Asis was an amazing memorable experience! Every tour guide we had was friendly and knew so much!

The turtle tour was a bit of a drive for the short amount of time you spend at the beach. My husband went and he was back before 9:00. He said a smaller group would have made the experience better.

It all worked out but I would let people know that the long drives can be a lot if you get motion sick just so they can be prepared. We wore sea bands and still had a hard time. It was not a major factor in our trip, just thought I would mention it.

All in all we had an awesome trip !"

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