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The unforgettable trip to South Georgia

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Our VIP client just returned from adventure of the lifetime in South Georgia and Falkland Islands.

"I feel very privileged to visit South Georgia and The Falklands islands this March. To sail in The Southern Atlantic where you can't see anything beside from Blue Whales ? Not even Albatrosses? That's how far away in the ocean we went. The waves reach the windows of cabins. The wind doesn't allow you to open the deck doors. That's the experience you will never- ever forget. After a few days of sailing you reach South Georgia. During a 3 days of sailing we had on board different kinds of lectures and seminars about history, ecology, biodiversity of the South George Islands presented by specialist. It was very interesting and informative. You cannot expect any entertainment on the board, only to be fully immerged into atmosphere of research and adventure.

The food was great at any given time.

When we stayed at the South Georgia, divers every day were filming underwater world and we watched it on the evenings. Zodiacs took us to shores for exploration of the islands. Hundreds of King penguins and sea lions pups are waiting for you to say Hi! Enormous Elephant seals sleeping on the ground. Petrels are hunting for penguins chicks.

Glaciers, white peaks of mountains... That's the thrill of life! Lindblad/National Geographic did a great job in organizing the adventure. Logistics were impeccable and everything went smooth and taken care of. They went far and beyond to make the journey unforgettable. It was not a cheap trip, but worth every penny.

On the way back from the South Georgia we stopped in Falkland for a day (very beautiful place) and on the last day, after arriving to Ushuaia, visited Tierra del Fuego (on bus). Breathtaking views and nature!

Thank you Alex and Oleg from Family Travel Business who made it happen. Thanks to they hard work I was able to go on this unforgettable trip."

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