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An Escape to Madeira

Our VIP clients just returned back from Madeira. Here are just some highlights from their family vacation.

Until you’ve experienced Madeira (that hair-raising landing, the cliff-hugging drives, its potent poncha cocktail), it might be difficult to understand its appeal. What Madeira lacks in size (it’s only 35 miles long and 14 miles wide) it makes up for in the sheer variety of things to see and do – from its Hawaii-esque waterfalls and thick forests to its ocean adventures, incredible hikes and exhilarating toboggan rides. Couple all of that with cool design hotels, stylish restaurants and consistent warm temperatures, and you’ve got yourself a solid year-round holiday destination.

"We absolutely loved Madeira! Such a beautiful island, so happy we went. Great people and food. TAP airline worked out fine for us, we had no issues. People online are complaining about them but honestly we had no issues and everything was smooth. Besides the one flight that was cancelled and rescheduled everything else was on time.

We loved the resort as well (The Residence at Villa Porto Mare), we didn't use half the amenities because we were out all day, but it was clean and great location and free parking and super breakfast and great customer service.

Lastly the car rental also worked out great.

We mostly explored the island and did hikes every day or visited the different towns or beaches. It was so easy to do because we had our own car and everything is clearly marked using google maps and their hiking paths are all very clearly marked. And thankfully my husband is an experienced driver with manual transmission. Some of the roads on Madeira are so scary and are on such an incline that honestly I don't know how some other drivers would do it if they are not experienced. He said he doesn't think that an automatic car would make it up some of those hills. So I would caution anyone in the future to make sure they are comfortable on roads that are windy and go very high up in the mountains with some hair raising turns!

That's it :) We had a lovely time. Thank you for helping plan it!"

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