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Who we are

We are a travel agency and concierge service in one. After globe trotting with three kids around the world for the past decade, we have identified the best places to visit (with or without children) and learned how to partner with the most accommodating customer service and tour guide professionals.

What we do

We build special customized itineraries and exciting new experiences around the world starting from amazing cruise voyages, all-inclusive family getaways, couples romantic vacations, Disney adventures around the world and unique, customized tours from China to Costa Rica to Europe.

Why use us

We go above and beyond the airfare and hotel bookings; we tell you which playgrounds will entertain your children in what country, which restaurants are for good for families. Most importantly, we provide a true concierge service. Allow us to do all the planning for you and you will be off on a stress free journey in no time!


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Marina Y.

Ive been dealing with Alex for over a year! Hes helped me plan our costa Rica trip and our recent St. Marteen trip. Both of which were amazing adventures. He is very attentive to all the customers needs. He is always available to answer any questions! He always gives helpful advice! Will definitely use him again and will recommend him any chance i get!

Dr. Laura R.

That was the first time I decided to go to Europe on my own with my grandson without a group. Alex managed our trip with amazing precision - trains, adorable bed and breakfast hotels in the best spots of Florence, Venice and Milan. Mind it was done on a budget. I"m very grateful for what you"ve done and looking forward to do it again with your assistance.

Alex V.

Family Travel Concierge is the most dedicated travel agency I have ever heard of. Alex Medvedovski's passion, ability to tailor a better experience using original ideas, focus on the tiniest details, and iron-clad round-the-clock support before, during, and after the trip guarantee a glitch-free vacation experience, which is, if you stop and think about it, no small thing in our turbulent world. His level of service puts him apart from all other travel agents.

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